10 Pakistani TikTokers that everyone should must follow

TikTok has become a household name now. Perhaps this is the only social media app that has put a great challenge on Facebook. Everyone out there loves to watch those short entertaining videos. What makes TikTok better than any other app that It can make you a star so quicker than anything else. We compiled a list of 10 most followed Pakistani TikTokers that everyone should follow.

“TikTok was the most downloaded app in January 2020 beating the social media giant Facebook”

As more & more people are joining TikTok, it has also got a lot of spammers & fake ids and that share random videos on the video-sharing app, it has lots of overrated celebrities who have millions of followers but the lack true talent to make an entertaining TikTok, and it has become hard to find true entertainers on your timeline. We have made a list of 10 most entertaining & must follow Pakistani TikTok stars which we believe will never make you feel sad with their creativity & talent of making short funny videos.

1. Zulqarnain Sikander

Zulqarnain Sikandar
Zulqarnain Sikandar has 3.7 million followers on TikTok and 162M likes

The young and charming Zulqarnain Sikandar is one of the most favorite TikToker on our list. This young Punjabi guy has one of the most entertaining TikToks.

Why Follow?

Well, this guy has not the traditional TikTok where most of the TikTokers are just dancing and lip-syncing on the songs. This guy brings us the funnier side of the TikTok. He also occasionally made TikTok on serious nature which has deep social messages as well. He often paired with another famous TikToker Kanwal Aftab and the duo rocks when paired together. The TikToker also can be found on Youtube where he posts his vlogs but he claimed to fame with TikTok.

2. Malik Usman

man dressed in shalwar kameez poses in front of badshahi masjid
Mali Usman share small funny TikTok mostly an oppressed married man

3. Kanwal Aftab

kanwal aftab in black shalwar kameez
Kanwal Aftab often pairs with other TikTokers to make duet which makes her TikTok worth watching

With her 3.1 million followers, Kanwal Aftab is at our second most wanted TikToker. The Lahore based Youtuber & TikToker has also experience of working in mainstream media. Most of her TikToks are a duet and recently she is regularly pairing with Zulqarnain Sikandar.

Why Follow?

Kanwal Aftab is a talented girl, she can dance and has perfect comic sense. Her facial expressions match to her TikTok. Kanwal Aftab’s dark black big eyes and round face can really make you fall in love with her. Apart from her beauty, she is extremely talented and her confidence is always sky high in her TikTok. She has great styling and fashion sense. She can be a good fashion and style inspiration for girls. She adopts Western and Eastern so naturally that she never looked awkward in any avatar.

4. Pink Francis

pink francis is UAE based pakistani tiktoker
Apart from her TikTok, her fashion sense made us follow her

With 2.7 million followers Pinki Francis is proudly at no. 4 in our most wanted TikToker list. Pinki Francis is a Pakistani TikTok celebrity who lives in the UAE. Punjabi girls really know how to look good in front of the camera. She carried western & eastern outfits very well. She got great fashion sense, especially if you in western outfits and hairstyles.

Why Follow Pinky?

As she lives in the UAE, she got huge number of collaboration with Indian TikTikors. She has great sense of humor and her funny TikToks are must watch. Besides her funny TikToks, she lips sync very well on Punjabi raps. She has that killer looks that can make you drool upon her. She has that iconic western look & a true fashion symbol as well.

5. Faryal Fairy

Faryal Fairry is a Pakistani TikToker
Faryal Fairy is a true example of natural beauty

In the middle of our list is the most beautiful and good looking charming Faryal Fairy. She also lives in the UAE and belongs to the South of Punjab. If you are fan of true natural beauty, this is your girl. She rarely has seen to be wearing heavy makeup. Her long hair and green-blue eyes can make you fall in love with her.

Why Follow Her?

The answer is pretty simple here because of her natural beauty and green-blue eyes. But alongside her beauty, this girl really has a beautiful smile that. Here most of the TikToks are inside the gym so she can also be a good fitness motivation for you.

6. Suzain Fatima

Pakistani actress Suzain Fatima is also a popular TikToker as well

TV actress Suzain Fatima is also one of the most active TikTok celebrities in Pakistan. Being a professional actress & model, acting is his forte so you can expect quality acting skills by her. She is also one of the most good looking Pakistani TikTokers as well.

Why Follow Her?

What we love most about Suzain’s TikToks as that she rarely posts any songs on the TikTok and here most of the postings are funny actings that are done with perfection. By following her, you can get a guarantee of funny entertainments in your TikTok feeds.

7. Hira Khan

Pakistani TikToker Hira Khan
We love Hira Khan’s confidence in her TikTok, she is simple yet elegant to watch.

Hina Khan may be relatively an unknown face for the digital media but her popularity is increasing with every passing day. This is another simple yet elegant girl in our list due to her amazing facial expressions, simplicity, and most importantly her sky-high confidence. She rarely is seen to be dressed up glamorously rather you can even see her wearing an abaya, but even though she wearing an abaya, she can create some amazing TikToks.

8. Sarah Ali

Pakistani girl taking selfie wearing desi outfit
Sarah Ali is Canadian based Pakistani TikToker with only 423K followers but numbers are growing fast
At no. 8 we have Pakistani-Canadian Sarah Ali, Originally from Faisalabad, She lives is in Canada with her family. She is a beautiful and intelligent girl with a killer looks. This desi beauty with a Candian accent is a true entertainer by every aspect.

Why Follow Sarah Ali?

I will be very honest to say that her TikToks may not be very entertaining, but she mostly posted her videos in her own voice, replying to her haters and reading random poetry in her Candian accent that simply is the best thing on the TikTok. I have yet to find any other TikToker posting videos in her/his own voice with such a beautiful accent.

9. Zaid Ali

Zaid Ali is a famous YouTuber and TikToker
Zaid Ali is one of the very first Pakistani to use Social Media to promote their acting skills

Zaid Ali needs no introduction. One of the very few Pakistani who used social media to show their acting talent than struggling to get a chance to feature in TV or film productions. He is also known to be the very first Pakistani to vlog ever on YouTube.

After a successful vlogging career on YouTube, he is also now on TikTok, being relatively new, he has just 246K followers but those number does not suggest that he should not be featured on our list as one of the most followed TikToker. We are sure, it will be just a matter of the time when her followers will be in millions.

Why Follow?

The easiest answer, if you are a fan of Zaid Ali’s vlogs you have to follow him plus some high profile duets/collaborations are guaranteed. He started the TikTok with a bang, He is featuring our very own favorite and his long-lasting friend Shahveery Jaffry very often in his TikToks and where Zaid Ali and Shahveery are together, the entertainment is guaranteed. It’s pretty strange that Shahveer Jaffry is not much active on her own TikTok account but he often collaborates with others to support them, this is one of the reasons that we did not include Shahveery in this list is very less active on his own account.

10. Sufiyan Malick

Sufiyan Malick in his signature look
Sufiyan Malick is a highly talented TikToker with his face

Here we present the Mr. Bean of TikTok, Sufiyan Malick. With just 140K followers, he able to make it our list due to the enormous talent this guy possessed. Sufiyan Malick is around TikTok for a while but he failed to grab huge followers but that doesn’t make him any less talented. We know that there are many TikTokers, who has millions of followers but with no acting and entertaining skills. If you ever watched Mr. Bean’s movies and love that, follow this guy, he will never disappoint you with his funny and strange facial and body expressions.

How do you like our most wanted TikTokers, what do you think about these TikToker, do tell us in the comment section below?

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