10 Trendy Street Style to Try this Summer to be Ultimate Street Queen

Do you want to be the ultimate Street Style Queen this Summer? We have perfect dressing and styling ideas for you that would cost like nothing but you can rock every look like a professional fashion blogger.

As you are reading this article we are assuming that you have your basics of styling and willing to be more like a pro. We are going to give you some tips and tricks, which you can easily implement in your existing wardrobe collection and can rock in your college, university or even in your office.

Pakistani culture is opening up every day so more and more styling options are available but being Pakistani we value our culture and our family’s restriction, so we also need to keep in mind that, we do not wear which is against our cultural & family values. We promote such street style that is perfectly in line with our social & cultural boundaries and style should be modest. We have lined up a few basic guidelines while you go out, keeping in mind those guidelines you can have al the freedom to try every look which will be the perfect blend of eastern & western outfits.

  • Keeping in mind that street style mainly belongs to the cities or urban society you can try some western outfits as well
  • Never wear too short shirts which expose too much to make you center of the attention in Pakistani streets.
  • Never wear too revealing clothes in public in Pakistan, that might not be the correct thing to do.
  • Never ever wear totally see-through and thing material, which leaves your skins visible.

Keeping in mind these few points, you can safely try almost every look in Pakistan and you can easily be an ultimate street style queen, as a result, you can also increase the number of people follows you on Instagram.

1. Long Shirts with Skinny Jeans Or Tights (Leggings)

Pakistani girl wearing casual trendy outfit

The first look I am going to recommend you here is a long maxi dress with long slits on the font on either side of the shirt left or right, paired with white skinny jeans but if you don’t have skinny jeans, you can try the same dress with a pair of tights, leggings or a yoga pants with matching floral slippers.

You need to have in mind that try bright and easy on eye colors in the summers. Dark colors in summer is never a good idea to wear on. Dark colors are hard on eyes also the more the darker the hotter it feels when you are in direct sunlight as darker colors absorb heat from the sun. Colors like light yellow, sky blue, light pink, greenish colors will be a perfect matching with white jeans or leggings. You can switch the colors of leggings but if you are wearing a lighter color dress on top, the black jeans, leggings will not do the trick.

2. Kurta with Jeans

girl standing in the garden wearing jeans and short kurta

Summer dressing and street styling are all about being comfortable. Why not stick to the basics and try wearing a short kurta with a nice pair of jeans. This is good to go street summer styling. It also gives you proper coverage and modesty as well. The beauty of wearing and jeans is that it gives you a perfect desi look with modern styling plus you can pair the jeans with almost any kind of shoes.

3. Jeans with Jeans Tops

Girls standing in living room wearing jeans tops with tight jeans

If there is one thing that remains, in all seasons and weathers that is undoubtedly is jeans. A trendy summer street style includes to be a little funky. What could be more stylish wearing all jeans. Pakistani society is have now an acceptance of jeans in public places. More and more girls are wearing jeans and choosing jeans over shalwar kameez to use in Universties and colleges. A tight fitted jeans wit pair of jeans top and a long heal of if you like to wear some flat shoes all Ok.

4. Yoga Pants with Regular Kameez

girl wearing leggings with kameez

The next style we would like to suggest you try this summer is wearing some Yoga Pants with a regular kameez. Regular long kameez or top will give you perfect coverage while being styling in tight fitted yoga pants. Many people would confuse you about yoga pants and regular tights or leggings, but you have got to get your basics right and know the difference between yoga pants and leggings. Leggings are simpler and are more basic while you will get plenty of styling yoga pants in the market.

5. Cigarette Trouser with Regular Top

Hina Altaf standing in the room corner

Cigarette trousers are trendy, stylish and comfortable and have huge popularity in Pakistani teens as well as in women. They are great to use for offices, colleges and have perfect acceptance for Pakistani street. It is the one trend that you can safely say that belongs to Pakistan. Wear some regular top (Shirt, kmaeez) with cigarette trousers this summer. We rank this dressing style as one of the best trendy summer styles for Pakistan as this blends perfectly with Pakistani culture. It gives you perfect coverage. The beauty of this style is, it is equally popular for conservative and liberal people.

If you belong to a bit conservative family, this style is perfect for you. Cigarette trousers a hugely popular in small towns as well.

6. Leggings with Maxi Top

kanwal aftab wearing leggings

Leggings are popular and has perfect styling ability. They can match almost all types of tops. Leggings with long maxi tops are best for girls if you are bit on a little bit heavier and thick. Long shirt can give perfect coverage to your curves. Long Maxi tops are perfect trendy summer styles for Pakistan if you are curvy and thick.

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