5 Reasons to watch ARY Digital’s and Iqra Aziz’s new drama “Jhooti”

Ary Digital’s new drama serial “Jhooti” has started after a big viral hit “Meray Pass Tum Ho” on the 1st of February in 2020. Jhooti features many big names like Iqra Aziz, veterans like Nauqeer Nasir & Asma Abbas along with some new talent. Most people are already comparing this drama with “Meray Pass Tum Ho”, can this drama can go to become a big hit like it’s predecessor? From the drama’s teaser, it brought us on the edge of the seats that Iqra Aziz is going to deliver yet another memorable performance. The Suno Chanda star has given us many hits with her memorable performances whether it’s a fun-loving & spoiled brat of “Suno Chanda” or be its the sensitive  role of “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”

Here are the key facts about the drama serial Jhooti

  • Writer: Moeen Ali
  • Director:  Syed Ramish Rizvi

1. The Cast of the Drama

The major cast of Drama Serial Jhooti includes;

  • Iqra Aziz as Nirma
  • Ahmed Ali Butt as Nasir
  • Asma Abbas as the mother of Nirma
  • Tauqeer Nasir as the father of Nirma
  • Yasir Hussain
tauqeer nasir with asma abbas in drama serial jhooti
ARY Digital’s drama Jhooti features veterans actors like Tauqeer Nasir and Asma Abbas

2. Storyline of Jhooti

The storyline of drama serial “Jhooti” is intense & gripping, Jhooti is a story of a girl born in a middle-class family and wannabe rich at any cost. She wanted to live her life with luxury & style, as the drama starts, the first scene of the drama features Iqram Aziz getting up from a lavish bedroom & having a luxury breakfast, wearing some high branded clothing and stepping out from the luxurious house to ride an expensive car, before she gets in the dream was broken by her mother, Asma Abba, which gives us clear indication that this drama is going to be a story of girl who will go to any low to get rich, which was revealed very soon.

Iqra Aziz in drama serial Jhooti
Iqra Aziz played a greedy woman in Jhooti

From the teasers of the Jhooti; controversies are started emerging that yet in another drama serial the woman has been shown as characterless or greedy nature. The feminists are already tweeting that Jhooti is in succession of Meray Pass Tum Ho and once again the women are being portrayed as greedy and might be unfaithful in the future as well.

3. Story of a Wannabe Rich

There might be many people who won’t agree with me but Jhooti look like a story of every typical middle-class family nowadays in Pakistan. I am not saying that every other girl/woman in Pakistan from middle-class family want to be rich at any cast but this is also a harsh fact that our media and dramas have glorified the expensive clothes, branded shoes, expensive rides & expensive beauty & styling item in a way that most girls are wishing to be rich and live the blessed life like an Instagram model. Nirma (Iqra Aziz) is no exception.

iqra aziz in drama jhooti

4. Its a Household Story

Besides being the story of a girl who wannabe rich, this is a household story that features two brothers of the leading lady of the drama “Jhooti”. Her mother wants her daughter to get married and settle down with her husband, on the other hand, Nirma (Iqra Aziz) is an ambitious girl who wants to get rich instead of getting married to any other guy, who is selected by his family. Here comes the rishta from her own mohallah.

Nasir (Ahmed Ali Butt) who owns a general store in the same Mohallah is madly in love with Nirma (Iqra Aziz) and always gets well dressed to see her lady love in a typical guy next door who stands up for the girls on the corner of the streets.

ahmed butt in jhooti
Ahmed Butt made a comeback to TV after a long time

Nasir approached the bhabi of Nirma through his own family and sent his rishta for Niram (Iqra Aziz), Nirma or Iqra Aziz put a condition in front of her family that she can only think to marry Nasir if he transfers the ownership of his shop to her name. These greedy tips have given to her by her mentor cum friend Samina. As the drama progressed, we got a vibe that it’s a typical household family of current-day Pakistan where most girls are under influence of media and luxury life.

5. Jhooti is full of Performances

Jhooti is promised to deliver a top-notch performance. We know where there is Iqra Aziz, Asma Abbas & Tauqeer Nasir, the high-class performances are guaranteed.  We are sure that drama will go in many phases from marriage to be an unfaithful wife.

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