7 Highly Overrated Stars of TikTok Pakistan Followed by Millions of Fans

7 Highly overrated stars of TikTok Pakistan who have been followed by millions of fans but the lack the real acting and lip-syncing talent which is the basic requirement of being a good TikToker.


Social Media slowly but surely is taking over the mainstream media. Social Media can make you star and you can get millions of fans without even ever being part of the mainstream media.

People on social media with a huge fan following are known as celebrities but in the case of social media, celebrities, and stars of social media are know with their respective platforms.

Celebrities of Instagram known as Instagram Celebrity, Youtube star is known as the YouTubers while people on TikTok are known as TikTokers.

“TikTok has an this unique algorythum where people who lacks the real creativity talent can also get noticed, they can also become stars without being talented just on the basis of their luxury lifestyle”

TikTok has amazing phenomena and that it can make you an overnight star on the video-sharing app. TikTok Pakistan has a bunch of talent but there are also few people that lack the basic talent of being good TikTokers but they have gained unprecedented fame on TikTok Pakistan and they are the star of the video-sharing app.

We have compiled a list of 7 most overrated stars of TikTok Pakistan which many critics think are highly overrated and their videos most of the time lack the creativity that the platform requires.

7 Highly Overrated Stars of TikTok Pakistan

  1. Dolly Fashion

  2. Haris Ali

  3. Anmol Noor

  4. Hareem Shah

  5. Marvi Ch

  6. Neha Malik

  7. Minahil Butt

Dolly Fashion Icon (Nosheen Dolly)

In our most highly overrated stars of TikTok Pakistan is Dolly Fashion Icon. Dolly Fashion Icon’s real name is Nosheen Dolly and she is from Lahore, Pakistan.

Dolly Fashion Icon in Pakistani bridal makeup
Dolly Fashion Icon is the most highly overrated star of TikTok Pakistan (Credit: Instagram)

With whooping 5 million TikTik fans & 118 million likes for her videos, she stands at no. 1 in our Pakistan’s most overrated TikTokers list. We have solid reasons and arguments to back our claim that Dolly Fashion Icon is the most overrated star of TikTok in Pakistan.

dolly fashion icon's real name is Nosheen Dolly
With whooping 5 million fans on TikTok, Dolly is at no. 1 in Pakistan’ most overrated TikTokers (Credit: Instagram)


Dolly Fashion lacks lip-syncing & facial expressions skills which are must-have quality to be a good TikTokers. I have been following her since she started TikTok, and to be very honest I have never found a good creative video from her. Most of her TikToks are just show of wealth & expensive dresses she owns.

The TikTok star also has a number of collaborations with other talented stars of TikTok Pakistan which gives her account a boost and one of the many reasons to achieve the 5 million followers on TikTok.

Haris Ali (Haris Aly)

The 30 Years old Haris Aly (Haris Ali) from Lahore is on the 2nd spot in our most overrated TikTok stars. Although the TikTokers has done some high profile collaborations and has also been associated with some of the biggest brands of Pakistan to promote them in his videos, we have our own reasons to back the claim of him being on of the most overrated TikTok star of Pakistan.

Haris Ali tiktok star of Pakistan
Haris Ali is at no. 2 in our most overrated TikTok stars list (Credit: Instagram)

Haris Ali may have got some top-rated endorsements & sponsors with him but the real reasons behind his success and his 4.1 million TikTok followers are his collaborations with some of the most talented Tiktokers in Pakistan. Which gave a huge boost to his career.

Despite the fact of being an overrated social media star, Haris Aly has a clever marketing mind which ensures that he has a great future ahead.

Anmol Noor

Next in our list is one of the most controversial celebrities of TikTok in Pakistan. Anmol Noor in one of those few people in Pakistan who has risen to quick success in TikTok, all thanks to her links to the stage actors & dramas in Pakistani theaters.

anmool noor in tight jeans and sexy top
Anmol Noor is one of those few social media celebrity who gained quick and controversial success (Credit: Instagram)
TikTok Star Anmol Noor in sexy avatar
Anmol Noor is known for her bold fashion sense, the TikTok star believe on showing some skins for the quick success on micro video sharing app (Credit: Instagram)
Pakistani TikTok Star Anmol Noor in a sexy pose
She can also be termed as a brave star of TikTok as she is never afraid of anything, this makes her even more controversial & popular (Credit: Instagram)

Anmol Noor has whopping 3.7 million TikTok fans & 58 million likes but we think that most of them are following him for some other reasons than her TikTok talent.

Most of her videos are just show of wealth & her bold fashion sense. The social media star believe on skin shows and in most of her videos, she can be seen in Western or the most boldest eastern outfits. These kind of things makes her more controversial & popular also.

Hareem Shah

Fiza Husain or Hareem Shah is the most talked about & controversial social media & TikTok star of Pakistan.

Hareem Shah is the most controversial social media & TikTok star of Pakistan (Credit: Instagram)

Although the 28 years old TikTok star falls in the middle of our list with 3.5 million TikTok Followers, but she can be easily said be the most popular, controversial & overrated TikTok star.
Hareem Shah showcase zero talent of lip synching, acting or facial expression but she finds other controversial ways of getting up the popularity chart of the social media.
In most of the videos, she is often seemed to be featured with top ranked politicians & media personalities of Pakistan, which gave a boost to her social media & mainstream media following.
Hareem Shah also known for her affairs & illicit relations with Federal Minister Sheikh Rasheed.

Hareem Shah real name Fiza Hussain is 28 Years old TikTok Star
With 3.5 Million TikTok followers, Hareem Shah is one of the most overrated TikTok star in Pakistan (Credit: Instagram)
Hareem Shah claimed that she has objectionable videos of federal minister Shiekh Rasheed
The TikTok Star is better known for her illicit relationships with top media and political personalities of Pakistan than her acting talent (Credit: Instagram)

The 28 Years old TikTok star made claims that she has some objectionable video recording of the Federal Minister Sheikh Rasheed which brought her into the spotlight of mainstream media, which gave her social media career a boost otherwise the self-proclaim model & actress lack any sort of acting, dancing or even lip synching talent.

Marvi Chaudhry (Marvi Ch)

Marvi Chaudhry (Marvi Ch) is also one of those most overrated stars of TikTok Pakistan who lacks the real talent of lip synching, acting or dancing.

Marvi Chaudhry is a TikTok & social media star of Pakistan
With 2.7 Million followers on the TikTok, Marvi Ch is on no. 5 in most overrated stars of TikTok Pakistan (Credit: Instagram)
Marvi Ch in blue dress & white tights.
The 27 Years old Marvi Ch is a makeup artist by profession but she has also gain much popularity on the micro video sharing app TikTok (Credit: Instagram)

Like all of other social media and TikTok stars in our list, Marvi is no exception. She has been on the video sharing app for so long that she has achieved huge numbers of people who follow her but not because of her acting skills but for more for her natural beauty & curvaceous figure.

The 28 Years old Marvi might be lacking acting skills but she is running her business of beauty salon in Islamabad successfully. She has been hardly seen featuring with other TikTok stars as she is busy with her own beauty business more than making TikTok videos but she never forgets to post regularly on the video sharing app to keep her fans wanting more of her.

TikTok Star Marvi Ch
Marvi Chaudhry smiles as she sits in her own beauty salon in Islamabad (Credit: Instagram)
Marvi Chaudhry Beauty Salon
Marvi Ch poses in front of her makeup shelf as the TikTok star promotes her own beauty salon in most of her videos and pictures (Credit: Instagram)

Marvi Ch got a natural beauty with an amazing curvaceous figure which she flaunts unlimitedly on TikTok and most of the people following her may be more interested to see her natural curves in leggings (tights) than her real acting talent. But despite being an overrated TikTok star, she is a successful entrepreneur and we give full credit to her for it.

Neha Malik

A well known name for the dance & private parties, Neha Malik is at no. 6 in our most rated TikTok celebrities.

Neha Malik Dancer
Neha Malik is stage dance and private party entertainer from Chowk Azam, Layyah (Credit: Instagram)
Neha Malik dancer belongs to Azam Chowk Layyah
Neha Malik often posts vulgur & dirty talks about her private parties and relationship on the vidoe sharing app (Credit: Instagram)

Neha Malik has achieved of 1 million followers on the video sharing app and at the time of writing this article she has crossed more than 1.4 million followers on TikTok. Being a professional dancer and private party entertainer, Neha Malik knows how to entertain other with her dancing skills but her TikTok is totally opposite what she in real life.

The 24 years stage dancer, instead of showing some dancing skills on the platform, she is one of those TikTok stars we wanted their profile to be banned for the kids as the TikTok stars often posts vulgur & dirty sexaul talks about her relationships which is not suitable for the young & audience under 18 years.

After watching Neha Malik’s videos I desperately wanted a feature like YouTube where some community guidelines to be imposed as she talks openly about her sexual activities.

Minahil Butt

Minahil Butt from Lahore is at no. 7 in our most overrated TikTok star’s list and rightly for some reasons.

Minahil Butt TikTok star
Minahil Butt visits a village near Lahore just to make some TikTok Videos (Credit: Instagram)
Minahil Butt making a TikTok video on the Tubewell
Minahil Butt also known as a girl with tattoos as the social media star has few tattoos on her body (Credit: Instagram)

With more than 1 million followers, Minahil Butt is at the bottom of our most overrated TikTok star’s list. The 24 years old social media star is well educated and she has done her graduation from one of the high ranked university of Pakistan.

The actress is often seen in western clothing like jump suits, jeans, legging, yoga pants and tank top to showcase her beautifully shaped body. In our most overrated listed, she might be the 2nd person we thinks is playing their cards well like Haris Aly may be all because of their education.

TikTok Star Minahil Butt posses on the tractor during bts of her TikTok Videos
Minahil Butt from Lahore during the shooting of her TikTok Video (Credit: Instagram)

On an off, the social media star has shown some talent of acting, lip synching & but as she wrongly objectify her body curves without any reasons, we kept her in the most overrated stars of TikTok Pakistan.

The Young & talented personals never needs to objectify their body curves or show skins where not required. Due to her scandalous behavior she is gaining social media followers quickly but despite being talented and have skills to be succeed in TikTok, we think she is gaining followers for other reasons which force us to labeled her as the overrated or over exposed TikTok star.

Bottom Line

Despite being the critics of these social media stars, we appreciate their work and have nothing against them. This is just a author’s personal views as she find them overrated for the various reasons. You can either be disagree with the author or disagree, this is totally your choice.

Whether you agree or disagree with the author, please let us know about your views about these stars of TikTok Pakistan below in the comment section.

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