9 Reasons Why to Wear Leggings (Tights) Instead of Regular Trousers Or Shalwar

9 reasons why to wear leggings, tights, or yoga pants instead of normal shalwar or trousers and it is perfectly normal & ideal to wear leggings anytime, anywhere.

Leggings can be very decent pants if worn in the right way we all know that leggings (Tights) or their close relative yoga pants have become extremely popular across the globe in recent years. Everyone seems to be so much into int that It has become rare to see someone wearing normal pants or jeans even jeans nowadays have become jeggings.

So you even wondering why leggings have become so popular and why we are arguing that you should dump your regular shalwar or trousers with leggings? So here we are giving you a few reasons that might enforce you to start wear leggings instead of your normal bottoms.

In this article, I am not making a case that why people in our society judge negatively those girls/women who choose to wear leggings, tights yoga pants, or tight-fitting pants. Why In our society wearing leggings have become a stigma for many of us when there is nothing wrong with it.

Yes, there are some unspoken rules that you might follow considering our conservative & religious society, and yes I do also in favor of keeping the modesty a priority. By saying that, it does not mean that there is anything wrong with wearing leggings, tights, or yoga pants.

leggings in desi style
You can wear leggings in the most decent and modest way by pairing it with a long shirt.

Now, I am going to share with you my top 9 reasons why there is nothing wrong with wearing leggings, tights, or yoga pants.

  1. Extremely versatile
  2. They are most practical
  3. Comfortability and flexibility
  4. Glamourous yet so simple
  5. So casual yet so formal
  6. For all ages & sizes
  7. Anywhere & Everywhere
  8. Wash n Wear
  9. Budget-friendly

1. Oh, yea!  It is extremely versatile

When it comes to leggings, no other clothing can match them in versatility, they are available in almost all sorts of material and in all colors in the universe. You even don’t have to bother that, will you find a perfect match for your shirt, Kurti, top or even a Tee shirt. Legging goes with everything.

There is a bunch of styles & colors of leggings available in the market, you just have to get out from your home, grab them and you are perfectly styled.

2. Yes! Leggings are the most practical bottoms I ever have

“Leggings are comfy and most practical bottoms I ever have and I am in love with leggings for every occasion and in every weather,” said by my 26 years old working friend.

You can argue on it but you have to agree with these leggings are the most practical bottoms. A number of times, women explained that leggings are most practical when it comes to using them on a daily basis.

Why leggings are the most practical:

  • They are stretchy so the still fits if you have bought a number small or you have put on some extra pounds.
  • Legging’s wide rubber waistband usually very comfortable and doesn’t cut into your skin during the long & hot summer days.
  • You can use them at work with some decent long top.
  • You can use them at an event with your expensive shirts, leggings are so versatile that they available in all types of materials.
  • You can use them in all weathers. Leggings are available in types of material from lycra to pure cotton, whatever like.
  • The only thing that you can use everywhere and fits with everything.
  • Gyms, yoga, home workout, casual, formal, or to your school and college, perfect for all.
  • Leggings can be long, can be shot, and can be just like Capri sort of thing. You can fold them you can pull them up or do anything you need to do with them.
srha asghar shows off her slim & slander look after her amazing weight loss journey
Leggings (tights) has a unique property that it matches all, though black & white remains the most popular color for leggings in Pakistan

3. They are the most comfortable & flexible

Comfort is the utmost concern when it comes to dressing. Over and over people have complained that their pants or trousers are not as comfortable as they would like it to be.

Leggings are stretchy and skin fitting which made them like your second skin. They are so comfortable that sometimes I really wonder that am I wearing something or not!

Sometimes you bought some other pants and materials are so thick & hard that cut into your skin but in case of leggings, there are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing material but the material still do not matter as much as most of the leggings are breathable and are very comfortable.

4. Make your own style, glamourous or simple

What makes leggings my the most favorite thing to wear is that you can use them in the most simple and modest way or you can opt for the most glamourous look if you want to.

Leggings can be used either way if you are living in a metropolitan where normally people are most broad-minded and use to with glamourous dressing or you a small-town girl, you can use them in the most modest way.

Pair it with long or maxi top and it will give you a perfect modest look with a decent style or you can use it with a tank top or casual top, it matches with all.

You can use long length leggings for the decent and more conservative look or you can use short length leggings that enable to you be a perfect glamourous chick.

5. Casual or formal? The choice is yours

If you are working lady and you need to be in a formal dressing all day long, leggings are just made for you. It can easily bring down your cost as you just need to buy tops, black and white leggings will match most of your tops.

You just need to put on a decent top with a decent length which provides you enough coverage that is acceptable for the workplace and you good to go.

At the same time leggings can be very casual, just use any old worn-out top (kurta/kurti) or any tee shirt at home and you can easily perform you all household chores as they also provide you enough flexibility that you can do anything even a workout.

6. Made for all ages, size, and shapes

You have concerns that;

  • You are too old and you a mom now!
  • You are too curvey or thick for the leggings!
  • You think that you are too skinny to wear leggings.
  • You are too young.

of course not, leggings are made for all shapes and all sizes as they can be wear in any style and in any environment. This totally depends upon you that what look you want to adopt with your leggings.

You can use a normal kameez (kurta) with leggings if you think that you are old enough to wear them. A typical normal kameez (kurta) will provide you enough coverage and modesty that instead of someone looking at you with a popping eye, they will never be noticed that you are wearing something like this.

You are afraid to wear leggings because you think that you are too curvey or thick for leggings, no it’s not like that, again you can opt for long and full-coverage tops with leggings that will cover your thighs and buttocks areas and believe me you will look more modest than a normal Pakistani shalwar kameez.

In fact, leggings provide more comfort to thick women as they also prevent your thighs from getting chaffed.

No matter if you are a teenager and you are too skinny, leggings will be a huge plus and add on in your beauty. You don’t need to feel shame on your skinniness rather leggings can be the ideal bottom for young and skinny girls as they won’t many eyes popping which is normally is the case in Pakistan.

7. Anywhere and everywhere

Leggings, yoga pants or tight-fitting pants are now officially the most popular bottom in the world. You can see the girls wearing them everywhere. They are perfect for almost all types of activity;

  • Ideal for sports and athletic activities.
  • Specially made for yoga called yoga pants are the close relative of the leggings.
  • Ideal for workout & gyms.
  • Carry them in a public gathering, schools, parks, or on an event.

8. Wash and wear

All leggings, yoga pants or tight fitted pants are wash n wear. The normal shalwar or fabric trouser needs hours of effort in washing and then pressing in order to get them ready for wearing.

You just wash with them in a washing machine without any care of them that which colors they are and what material they are, just wash and wear.

9. Budget-friendly

What I like most about these pants, most of them are very budget-friendly. It easily comes in the budget of all the girls even their financial conditions are not good enough.

Leggings in Pakistan are easily available from 300 to as much as you can spend on them if you choose to go branded. But even a legging of 300 will do the job. Most leggings that I have tons of now as they have become my ultimate choice are under 800 and I have them in almost all types of styles and colors.

Being it budget-friendly also has made it very popular in the world as anyone can afford them easily and stylish, active, and comfortable without any hazel.

Final Thoughts

Without any fear that what people might think and how they judge you what are you wearing? You should be wearing your own choice and style. You should be in your own skin that makes you happy and make you feel comfortable. Even this article should not force you to wear leggings if you don’t want to.

This should be taken as an opinion, not as an instruction which can force you to wear your leggings. You shall be making your own decision depending upon the environment and society you are living it.

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