Aiman Khan Became the Most Followed Pakistani Celebrity on Instagram

Aiman Khan also is known as Aiman Muneeb officially has crossed more than 6.1 million followers on Instagram more than any else Pakistani celebrity on the platform beating the superstar like Mahira Khan with a margin of more than 100K.

The 21-year-old television & social media star is even less active than many other megastars of the industry but she still keeps on climbing the ladders of popularity on social media. The mum of the beautiful son and wife of actor Muneeb Butt may be less active on the TV but she still bagging a huge number of fans due to her beautiful & charming personality.

pakistani actress aiman khan
Aiman Khan has become the most followed Pakistani Celebrity of Instagram with 6.1 Million Fans

Aiman Muneeb often keeps posts her gorgeous pictures on Instagram which keeps her fans engaged. What we love most about the actress that she never shy off trying any kind of look.

aiman khan with husband muneeb butt
Fans often get an insight look of the actress’s personal life when she posted her family pictures

Fans of Aiman Khan & her husband Muneeb Butt often get a good insight look at their personal life as the actress often posted her family & vocation pictures. What we love about the couple they never shy off showing their love for each other.

aiman khan wearing designer party dress
Aiman can be good style inspiration for million of her female fan following as she carries every look so perfectly that it left no room for the improvement

One of the reasons we understand why she has so many female fans following is that the actress is a great style inspiration for many. She often wears heavy embroider and designer dress with so perfection that huge number of people chooses to dress like her.

muneeb butt with wife aiman khan on vocation
The couple often on vocation and spend quality time together and they never shy off to share this precious moment with their fans
aiman muneeb khan
Aiman Khan in a party dress and black shades rocked this look
aiman khan in casual look
Aiman can carry any look with so perfection that she left little to imagine
aiman & muneeb share some lovely light moments
What could be a more beautiful sight than a couple deeply in love
aiman khan with sister minal khanna
Aiman has found her best friend in her twin sister Minal Khan and the twin sisters often seen together in 1 frame
aiman khan closeup
The actress possesses natural beauty and she can be often seen without wearing any kind of makeup in her Instagram and daily life
aiman khan stands against the dowry
Aiman Khan also keeps herself busy with social causes and this time she stands against the dowry
aiman khan casual look in lawn prints
With smoky eyes and light evening makeover, Aiman Khan made this lawn dress looks gorgeous
twin sisters aiman khan & minal khan
The twin sisters also a good role model for young girls that how love should be a bond between the siblings
Pakistani girl wearing casual street style dress
Despite wearing western looks so often, Aiman never cross the limits of modesty that make her even more popular among the Pakistani community
Punjabi girl in the form fileds
Aiman Khan’s Punjab village girl look is just too gorgeous that you can’t take your eyes off

pakistani girls causal look styles

aiman & minal khan together
An old picture of Aiman & Minal when they use to be a little chubby girl back then
aiman khan with sister minal khan in turkey
Twin sisters during their Turkey vacation trip
minal khan with sister aiman khan standing in the balcony
Dressed up all in jeans from top to bottom, the twin sisters look so innocent and cute that it bags them million of social media fans

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