Bold & Beautiful Komal Sheikh is The Next TikTok Sensation in Pakistan

Komal Imtiaz Sheikh is bold & beautiful next big sensation in TikTok Pakistan. She is setting up new standards for the girls of Pakistan to follow her.

The 22 years old Lahore based TikTok star has set some new standards for the girls of Pakistan. The social media star has changed the view about the ideal figure & body of women.

Komal Imtiaz Sheikh taking a selfie in the mirror for her Instagram profile
Standing crossed leg, Komal Imtiaz Sheikh displays her amazing body in a mirror selfie. (Credit – Instagram)
Komal Sheikh in tight body hugging jeans
Komal Sheikh proudly standing putting her long curvy legs in full display in tight body hugging jeans. (Credit – Instagram)
TikTik star komal sheikh in tight yoga pants
Komal Sheik has changed the view of Pakistan’s male community what and ideal female body look like. (Credit – Instagram)

Who is Komal Sheikh?

Komal Sheikh’s full & complete name is Komal Imtiaz Sheikh. She was born in Lahore on 22 February 1998. The 22 years old Lahore based social media personality is known for her presence on the short video sharing app.

But only few knows that before she claimed the fame on the lip synching app, her video about Bhola Record went viral on the social media in which she claimed that Bhola Record has approached her in an inappropriate way on the Facebook and has offered money to her for some favors.

In a very short time, Komal Sheikh has gained more than 1 million followers on Tiktok and over 100K followers on Instagram which are increasing quickly.

The quickly increasing numbers of social media followers shows that she is next big sensation in social media especially on TikTok.

punjabi girl wearing complete desi red dress
Komal Sheikh displays her cultural side. (Credit – Instagram)
Girl wearing a simple punjabi party dress.
In one of her rare photo, Komal Sheikh show case of her desi side in red & golden suite. (Credit – Instagram)
Komal Imtiaz Sheikh
The TikTok star puts on a daring & strange fashion in display as she put on gown with sneakers and nothing underneath it. (Credit – Instagram)

How She Claimed the Fame?

Undoubtedly, Komal is not afraid of showing her amazing curvy, fit and well toned body. Her dressing preferences clearly shows off that she proud off her curves.

She is daring and never hesitate of wearing revealing & body hugging clothes. She has changed and average man’s thinking about of the perfect female body.

Curvy body and plus size which was big No for the most of the Pakistani men, Komal has changed it completely as she bags million of fans.

Komal Sheick displays her beauty on Instagram
Komal Sheikh looks a complete nerd wearing spectacle. (Credit – Instagram)
Komal Imtiaz Sheikh Instagram photos
Komal looks absolutely gorgeous as she put on a sleeveless black top with green trousers as she snaps a selfie for her Instagram. (Credit – Instagram)
Komal Sheikh nude pictures
The daring Komal Sheikh snaps a selfie without wearing any pants, displays her well toned legs. (Credit – Instagram)
Komal Sheikh sexy Instagram photos
The TikTok Star leave nothing to imagine, as she chooses to dare and put her full milky white body on display to her Instagram followers. (Credit – Instagram)
TikTok star Komal Sheikh's Instagram photos
In yet another photo, Komal chooses to wear short, unlike the typical Pakistani girls. (Credit – Instagram)
Pakistani tiktok girls
She looks absolutely gorgeous in daisy dukes and pink top. (Credit – Instagram)
Komal Shiek TikTok celebrity
Komal Sheikh shows off her natural beauty as she poses without any makeup. (Credit – Instagram)

You can follow this amazingly talented natural beauty on Instagram @kaay.sheikh or you can follow your favorite TikTok celebrity on the short video sharing app TikTok on @komalsheikh618 and do not forget to comment and let us know why you love her.

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