Fitness Ambitions Mehwish Hayat Showed Off Incredible Fitness In a Series of Instagram Posts

Tamgha-e-Imtiaz winning superstar Mehwish Hayat showed off her incredible fitness in a series of Instagram posts this week.

The 37 years old actor has gone to post multiple photos on her Instagram this week where she able to show her amazing fit body wearing active & fitness wears.

The Punjab Nahi Jaungi star posed in a relaxed & chill environment as she sits on the mini wall of her garden. She was dressed in black yoga pants and paired it with a long lose white Tee as she casually looked in the eyes of the camera.

With minimal makeup and a vintage style leather strap watch as casually kept hold of her iPhone having her dark brown hair fall down on either side of her shoulders, she looks incredibly hot.

a girl in yoga pants and tee shirt sitting in garden
Punjab Nhi Jaungi star has posted a series of pictures on Instagram lately to show off her incredible fitness this week (Credit: Instagram)

The glamourous actress casually posed in black Skechers as casually captioned the snap ‘Sweet talk my heart’ with a heart emoji and hashtagged herself.

The film star has posted a series of her photos this week in casual & sportswear which features her incredible fit and lean body.

In another picture, she stood with an old wall wearing a lime color hooded top and paired it once again with black yoga pants and the same Skechers as she looked upward wearing black RayBan sunglasses.

Mehwish hayat stands tall in black yoga pants and lime top showing her incredible fitness
Mehwish Hayat lately has been active on Instagram and chosen to wear active wears in most of her photos (Credit: Instagram)
Mehwish Hayat with Fahad Mustafa
Mehwish Hayat strike a casual pose with Fahad Mustafa again in activewear (Credit: Instagram)
mehwish hayat in tom boy pose
Mehwish Haya kept entertaining her 4 million Instagram fans with her fitness and beauty lately as she chooses to pose more in activewear than expensive designer dresses. (Credit: Instagram)
casual kurti style for summer
Mehwish Hayat posed in casual kurta while she stands in the doorway (Credit: Instagram)

The 37 years old, the actress knows that she looks extremely hot but she intelligently mentioned the extremely warm & humid weather of Lahore as she captioned the photo ‘Lahore .. as if you weren’t hot already’

Following the heart-wrenching events in the country especially the rap incident on the motorway, the actress tweeted and also spoke to the media that she isn’t in the favor of public hanging of the rapists rather she wants a systematic change in the country which make women feel safer while they are in the public rather being frightened. She questioned;

Appearing in a television discussion shows, the Punjab Nhi Jaungi actress mentioned the historic perspective of her argument that in 1981, public hanging of rap accused has been done, whether this public hanging made any difference?

She said she wants strict punishment or even a public hanging of the criminals but this act must be supported with a good and strong legal & justice system that can ensure the real change in the mindsets of the society.

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