Haya Masood Khan Looks Incredible In Western Wears As She Flaunts Her Curves in Jeans

Haya Masood Khan looks incredible in western wear as the Instagram model is not afraid to show her curvy body in body hugging & western clothes.

Haya Masood Khan
The Pakistani fashion & Instagram model is not afraid to flaunts her curves. (Credit: Instagram)


Haya Masood Khan is 22 years old Islamabad based Pakistani fashion & Instagram blogger. The Instagram model is often seen in western clothes in most her Instagram posts.

The Instagram model has already bagged 65K followers on the photo & video sharing app which are increasing with every passing day.

Haya Masood Khan instagram model
Haya Masood Khan has more than 65K followers on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)
Haya Masood Khan is 22 years old Instagram model
Haya Masood Khan is mostly seen in Western outfits. (Credit: Instagram)
Haya Masood Khan
Haya Masood Khan promotes body positivity as she never afraid of show off her curves. (Credit: Instagram)

The 22 years old Instagram model is good example and role model for the millions of young Pakistani girls who are often bullied in schools and colleges for being slightly overweight.

Haya is never afraid to show off her curves in body hugging clothes as she confidently wear tight jeans and top with great amount of confidence.

The young fashion bloggers is getting immense appreciation on the social media for being confident in her skin.

desi plus size model
Haya Masood Khan feels confident for being slightly overweight which makes her perfect role model for the million of Pakistani girls. (Credit: Instagram)
Haya Khan
The 22 years old Pakistan plus size model dressed in black body hugging jeans. (Credit: Instagram)
pakistan summer style for 2021
The Fashion bloggers seems to be highly influenced by the western styles. (Credit: Instagram)

Haya seems to be highly influenced by the western fashion. The Instagram model mostly seen in tight jeans and shot tops with florescence hairs.

The Pakistani plus size model can also be seen in desi styles of clothing and she can be perfect inspiration for the young & teenage girls that how they can dressed while being modest in Public.

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