How Top Celebrities Dressed Up on Eid Day, Celebrity Styles on Eid

How top celebrities & public figures of Pakistan dressed up on this Eid? We have brought you complete coverage of the latest celebrity styles on Eid.

This Eid wasn’t the same Eid not only for Pakistani Muslims but Muslims & other religions around the globe as well. The whole world is going through COVID-19 pandemic which has created lots of financial crises for everyone. Especially for Pakistan, just days before Eid, Pakistan saw the tragic plane crash of the national flag carrier’s domestic flight PK-8303 which taken the lives of more than 97 people.

As Pakistan mourns the PIA plane crash tragedy, the whole nation was in a state of shock and every eye was full of tears no one can think about to celebrate the Eid as a festival of happiness and joy rather it became a day of mourning for those who have lost their precious lives in PK-8303 and COVID019 pandemic.

We saw a number of emotional posts from Pakistan celebrities that they are not going to celebrate this Eid, but as Eid is over now, we have seen that most of the celebrities have styled that its use to a normal Eid.

We have compiled for you with the top celebrity styles on this Eid.

Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi hosting morning show on Eid
 Shaista Lodhi on Eid, She hosted the Good Morning Pakistan show on Eid day wearing Shaista Lodhi on Eid hosted Good Morning Pakistan wearing Rozina Munib

The 42 years old Good Morning Pakistan host Shaista Lodhi spent her Eid on her show set as show host turned doctor was committed to hosting the Eid show.

Dressed in off white dress designed by Rozina Munib, She looked gorgeous in matching high heel pumps. She kept it simple with a class she is known for wearing minimal jewelry and makeup. Just a wedding ring on her fingers added to her beauty.

Pakistani celebrities on the sets of Pakistani morning show
Shaista Lodhi, Nida Yasir, Ayesha Omar & Sarwat Gilani on Eid day

While from the look of these celebrities you did not get any feeling that these celebrities have any kind of mourning for those who lost their lives in PK 8303 air crash and this show is happening during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Shaista Lodhi on the set of good morning pakistan show
Shaista Lodhi displays her signature smoky look on the second day of Eid ul Fitr wearing again Rozina Munib again
shaista lodhi dressing style on eid ul fitr 2020
For the second time on this Eid, Shaista Lodhi again chooses to wear a white dress, perhaps she is going to mark the mourning of those who lost their lives in PIA plane crash flight no. PK 8303

Ayeza Khan & Danish Taimoor

ayeza khan in her eid dress on eid day
Ayeza Khan also choose to wear in all white on this Eid with magenta color embroidery on it

The Meray Pass Tum Ho (میرے پاس تم ہو) star Ayeza Khan who also mourns the deaths of Pakistan’s national flag career PK-8303 as the actress shared a series of posts in memories of the unlucky domestic flight which crashed days before Eid in Karachi. The mother of 2 beautiful children & wife of Danish Taimoor spent some quality time in her home with her family. The actress shared a handful amount of her Eid celebration pictures of her beautiful & adorable family to give her 6 million Instagram followers a good look at her Eid day.

ayeza khan with husband danish taimoor on eid day
Ayeza Khan shared this beautiful picture in matching colors dresses with husband Danish Taimoor on Eid day to treat her 6 million Instagram followers
ayeza khan daughter, Horrain Tiamoor & son Rayan Taimoor
Rayan Taimoor, Horrain Taimoor on Eid day

It is used to be said in Pakistan the real Eid belongs to children so it is inevitable to share the beautiful picture of their children, Rayan Taimoor & Horrain Taimoor was looking so cute and adorable that they could easily be referred as princess & prince.

Sharing these beautiful pictures of Her children, Ayeza Khan did not forget to mention those who are suffering on this Eid and are not as blessed as their own children are. The Meray Pass Tum Ho actress captioned the picture.

Children are innocent they don’t know what’s happening around us, they always expect the same smile on our faces. This eid is dedicated to my kids. Thankyou for bringing smile on our faces even in this difficult phase of our life.
Thankyou @ansabjahangirstudio for sending the beautiful outfits to my kids and make their eid even more special ❤️
Eid mubarak once again.

Husband Danish Taimoor also posted a beautiful picture with his daughter Horrain Taimoor & son Rayan Taimoor & captioning this beautiful picture;

My heartfelt condolences to the families of those who returned to ALLAH during RAMZAN.May ALLAH grant them special place in Jannat and calm their loved ones with patience.AMEEN
But we must celebrate Eid as per ALLAH’S instruction.
We pray for them and Eid must continue..

danish taimoor with daughter Horrain & son Rayan
Danish Taimoor shared this beautiful picture on his Instagram account with son Rayan & Horrain

Sajal Aly & Ahad Raza Mir

Newly married couple Sajal Aly & Ahad Raza Mir kept the low key on this Eid as the couple did not share anything but a black image on their social media accounts & mourn the deaths of those who lost their lives in PIA air crash & during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic;

The MOM actress shared a black image and captioned the coolest thing on the earth as she asks for mercy from the Almighty. She wrote;

💔 Ya ALLAH reham

The celebrity couple has shown a great character towards their social & national responsibility be keeping it low key & set an example for those who believe to show off which are many in our industry.

Aiman Khan, Minal Khan & Muneeb Butt

Aiman Muneeb Khan alongside husband Muneeb Butt & sister Minal Khan can easily be regarded as a celebrity family as the almost whole family got the celebrity status even the youngest of all & the daughter of Aiman & Muneeb, Amal Muneeb as already got the celebrity status. People are searching for the pictures of this young little princess over the internet. Parents, Aiman Khan & Muneeb helped their fans set up an Instagram account for their daughter already and this little start has crossed 8000 followers already.

Aiman Shared this beautiful picture of herself alongside her handsome husband Muneeb Butt holding her young princess Amal Muneeb with a simple & smart caption;

Eid Mubarak everyone ♥️

Aiman Khan with husband Muneeb Butt & daughter Amal Munjeeb on Eid day
Aiman Khan shared this beautiful family picture on Eid day with her husband & daughter to wish a happy Eid to everyone

Another picture shared by Aiman Khan on Eid day is with her twin sister & daughter, and the twins looking very happy as they love their new family member in the picture.

aiman khan, minal khan & daughter amal muneeb on eid
The little princess Amal Muneeb seems to be amused on Eid day with Mother Aiman Khan & khala Minal Khan

Despite sharing this family picture, the 21 years old mother Aiman Khan share a cute moment with her daughter & both looked very happy in one frame.

Aiman Khan & daughter Amal Muneeb
Aiman Khan shared this cute moment of herself with her little princess Amal on Eid day

Maya Ali

Teefa in Trouble actress Maya Ali shared some stunning picture of herself dressed for this Eid wearing Faiza Saqlain. Unlike her other colleagues from her own fraternity, the 30 years old VJ turned actress dressed up with all heavy & full gown dress with heavy designer jewelry designed by Pierre Gemme By HUR.

The actress shared a series of Eid day’s pictures and captioned it remembering the national PIA air crash tragedy, she wrote;

Eid Mubarak🤍. Eid looks different this year. May this Eid bring happiness and gratitude in our hearts. Stay safe🤗

Maya Ali in Golden Dress Wearing Faiz Saqlain on Eid 2020
Maya Ali in a golden dress designed by Faiz Saqlain & wearing heavy jewelry designed by Pierre Gemme looks classy & attention-grabbing as always. She stunned her 4 million Instagram followers with a series of the photos on Eid

Further, she captioned another picture

Eid Mubarak🤍. Eid looks different this year. May this Eid bring happiness and gratitude in our hearts. Stay safe😊

maya ali
Maya Ali looked gorgeous wearing all those heavy & expensive jewelry and garments
Maya Ali wearing Faiz Saqlain on 2nd of Eid
Maya Ali dolled up in magenta color sharara design by Faiza Saqlain on 2nd of Eid ul Fitr

Sumbul Iqbal

Sumbul Iqbal in red sharara designed by Zubia Zainab
Sumbul Iqbal Khan in her beautiful red sharara designed by Zubia Zainab

Famous actress Sumbul Iqbal Khan best known for her role in Meray Khwab Raiza Raiza (میرے خواب ریزہ ریزہ) choose to wear rose-red sharara designed by Zubia Zainab.

29 Years old donned by in all red sharara with matching classy gold jewelry and dupatta, posed in her beautiful house’s lawn. The actress uploaded a series of her Eid celebration alongside her younger sister Kompal Iqbal who could be seen in an adorable black dress with matching accessories designed by Katzo.

Sumbul Iqbal with younger sister Kompal Iqbal on Eid
Sumbul Iqbal possed with sister Kompal Iqbal on Eid

Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane in her Eid dress
Urwa Hocane wore a short Kurti on in shadow work designed by Rizwan Beyg

Punjab Nahi Jaungi actress kept it simple yet elegant with a class, the 28 years old actress wore a short Kurti designed by Rizwan Beyg with overlaid embroidered work with sequins and finished with jaalkari, pearls and tiny silver flowers bordered with lace.

The actress also posted a series of pictures of her Eid dress alongside with husband Farhan Saeed who was dressed in off white kurta. Suno Chanda actor was looking dashing & handsome as he complimented himself with black sunglasses.

Urwa Hocane with husband Farhan Saeed
Urwa Hocane posed with husband Farhan Saeed to wish Eid Mubarak

Iqra Aziz Hussain

Iqra Aziz on Eid
Iqra Aziz wore Faiza Saqlain with matching jewelry by Ali Javeri Jewelers (AJJ) and makeup by Zain Zaidi

Suno Chanda & Ranjha Ranjha Kardi star & one of the most loved top actresses of Pakistan Iqra Aziz wore a heavily embroidered dress designed by Faiza Saqlain with jewelry designed by AJJ (Ali Javeri Jewelers) and makeup by Zain Zaidi left nothing behind from perfection.

iqra aziz with husband yasir hussain
The actress also shared a cool light moment with her husband Yasir Hussain on Eid day

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