I studied at home as school & academies were too expensive for me – Madiha Imam

After high school, I started studied at home as A level was too expensive for my parents to afford and I want my A level done at any cost, said by one of the most famous VJ and now actress Syeda Madiha Imam in one a kind of rare interview.

The actress, host and VJ Madiha Imam is known for her most natural beauty and young face. The VJ turned actress spoke about the difficulties and struggles she faced in her life so far.

“It is pointless to comment on other people’s work when you are not working as much as others”

Madiha Imam is one of those few actresses and celebrities of Pakistan who are known to keep themselves low key than being the center of attention. In one of here very rare recent interview she said that she doesn’t feel the need to face the media and giving too much interview when she is not working too much. The actress said it is pointless to comment on other people’s work when you are not working as much as others.

Madiha Imam

The actress told to the interviewer that she has to stop her regular studies after she passed the high school examination because of financial problems. She told me that she comes from a lower-middle-class family although her parents are well educated and support the studies of the girls but were not able to afford her regular A-Level education. She wanted to do A level which is rather expensive than a normal secondary education in Pakistan. She admitted that she wasn’t a bright student, who can get over the examination without the help of extra classes and coaching academies, and her father was a normal middle-class man who was not able to afford the fees of school and coaching classes, forced her to stay at home and prepare for the A-level examination privately with the help of her mother who used to be a school teacher as well.

The VJ turned actress told that she likes to speak a lot is one of the reasons that she likes to host music shows rather than acting. Madiha Imam said that in acting you have to indulge in conversation more talking, this is why she enjoys hosting more than acting.

She told once participated in a game show of MTV which she lost miserably in the starting round but she later got a call from MTV that they wanted her to host a music show if she can, and she said “YES” without even thinking. She told she just stepped in the studio and yes that she wanted to hos the live TV show rather a recorded one.

Madiha Imam standing in black trouser and sleeveless top

So this is how she started her showbiz career and once she started earing the money from MTV, she joined academy to complete her studies.

The actress also spoke about her experiences of acting in her recent drama “Mera Naam Waris”. She told that people relate to her role a lot as her role was a pretty realistic role in the drama, which she said that proud to be.

In an answer to the question the actress told that she feels proud of being looking so younger than her actual age. The actress told she does a regular light workout than any special things to look younger, this is probably she got it in her jeans from her father.

With that we wish Madiha Imam to a wonderful year ahead and some amazing projects as well.

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