Know everything about Faryal Fairyyy, age, boyfriend, family, complete biography

Know everything you want to know about your favorite TikTok star Faryal Fairy widely known as with her TikTok, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube handle Faryal Fairyyy.

TikTok has become the most used social media & video sharing app and what makes TikTok the most favorite app for billions of users is that people creating content on the short video sharing app are stars and people are treating them like celebrities.

Despite being the fun app for many, TikTok has become a great source of income & popularity for others. Faryal Fairyyy or simply Faryal is one of those thousands of TikTok stars who have gained unprecedented popularity & fan following not only on social media but also in real life.

Pakistani tiktoker Faryal Fairyyy
Faryal rocked this simple yet elegant look as she looked perfectly styled with a round shape chromic shades (Credit: Instagram)
Faryal Fairy's biography & age
Faryal Fairy is a UAE based Pakistani fitness instructor & trainer (Credit: Instagram)
Pakistani girl in Jeans & Tee Shirt
What makes Faryal stand out from the crowd is her natural beauty & innocent face (Credit: Instagram)

Faryal Fairy is also one of those few TikTok stars of Pakistan that able to gain huge popularity for her TikTok videos. Faryal has gained an incredible 2.1 million fans TikTok with a whopping 30 million hearts (likes).

While her modest fashion sense, motivational fitness videos & immense natural beauty has earned her 52K followers on Instagram.

Faryal Fairyyy’s Biography

Faryal Fairy is a 24 years old UAE based Pakistani certified fitness trainer & musical keyboard player but she is best known for her TikTok videos.

Tiktok star Faryal Fairy
An early day’s photo of Faryal, Showing her glowing natural skin as she wears pink lipstick with a floral shirt (Credit: Instagram)
Faryal Fairyyy's first Instagram photo
19 Years old Farya Fairy’s first Instagram post about 5 years ago (Credit: Instagram)

She first came on the scenes of social media on June 24, 2015, at the age of 19 when she joined the famous photo-sharing app Instagram.

Faryal Fairyyy also tried her luck with the then-popular video-sharing app “dubsmash” but that didn’t work for him nor Instagram as the UAE based Pakistani fitness instructor failed to make an impact on social media and also the fact that she was too young at that time.

The TikTok star & fitness trainer rise to fame with the popular short video & enactment app. In a very short time, she has become one of the most followed Pakistani TikToker.

What makes Faryal Fairyyy so popular?

Tiktok has more than 1 billion active users but did you ever wonder what makes Faryal stand out from the crowd.

faryal fairy is a pakistani tiktoker
Faryal is often seen to be working out while she records her TikTok (Credit: Instagram)
Pakistani beauty Faryal Fairy
In the world full of glamour, Faryal is a natural beauty (Credit: Instagram)
Pakistani girl in Pakistani dress
What makes her popular among all ages is her modesty that she never leaves (Credit: Instagram)

Faryal is blessed with natural beauty with an immense innocent face that makes her prominent even standing in the crowd of thousands.

Her green eyes can grab the attention of anyone, round & cute-faced 24 years fitness trainer has beautiful and the most innocent facial expressions that can make anyone week on their knees.

Being a fitness trainer, she is often seen to be busy working out in the gym while she records her TikTok videos which makes her videos more natural and true to her passion.

Unlike other TikTokers, Faryal is often seen to be without makeup busy in her gym which motivates her fans also to workout and get fit like her. In fact, she has been never seen to showcase anything vulgar in her videos & her fashion sense is one of the most modest I have ever seen on TikTok which makes her equally popular among all ages & all genders.

Bottom Line

In the world of full of glamour & cosmetic & plastic surgeries, Faryal Fairyyy is the like fresh air with a true natural beauty & with all-natural & curvy physique. We wish her a great and successful career ahead and we hope we don’t have to wait too long for her entry in the mainstream media & modeling industry.

Pakistani girl wearing leggings
Faryal can also play musical keyboard but she is best known for her TikTok (Credit: Instagram)
Pakistani street style chick
Faryal Failed to make an impact in her early day’s efforts on dubsmash & Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

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