Meet TikTok Star Hoor Mahaveera, Everything About Her, Age, Lifestyle & Love

Meet your very own favorite TikTok star Hoor Mahaveera and know everything about her, from her age to lifestyle & her love life, what color she likes and where she born. We will know everything about her in this article below.

Pakistani TikTok Star & Youtube Hoor Mahaveera in black jeans & top sitting on the stairway
Hoor Mahaveera claims fame on the famous lip-synching & social media app TikTok (Photo Credit: Instagram)
hoor mahaveera instagram pictures
The TikTok star belongs to Karachi and known for his amazing facial expressions (Photo Credit: Instagram)
Hoor Mahaveera is 24 years old Pakistan YouTube & TikTok personality
Hoor Mahaveera is known for her amazing lip-syncing talent on TikTok (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Who is Hoor Mahaveera?

Hoor Mahaveera is a 24 years old famous Pakistani TikTok, YouTube & social media star. Though she has a great number of followers on Instagram & Youtube she is predominantly can be labeled as a TikTok star.

Hoor Mahaveera was born in Karachi and has spent all of her life in the largest city (Karachi) of Pakistan.

Standing tall & at 5.7″, Hoor is known for her great fashion & makeup aesthetic sense. With lovely green eyes and fair skin, she is truly a hallmark of natural beauty.

Being taller than the average height of girls in Pakistan, makes Hoor Mahaveera grab the attention of people without any effort.

With mid-length light brown hair, green eyes, fair complexion & above all a beautiful smile, Hoor Mahaveera truly represents her name as she looks like a real world’s Hoor (حور).

Hoor Mahaveera instagram pictures
Green Eyes, light brown long here & beautiful smile helped her to gain much-deserved success fo the social media star (Photo Credit: Instagram)
TikTok star Hoor Mahaveera
Dressed in totally from bangles to her jumkas or be it is her choli she is a real stunner (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Claim To Fame

Hoor Mahaveera’s claim to fame is being one of Pakistan’s most-followed girl on TikTok. She bags 8 million TikTok followers.

Hoor can easily makes anyone her fan with her lovely and heartfelt expression. Here most of the videos on TikTok features foreign songs especially Turkish which she represents in an eye-catching and entertaining way with amazing facial expression and eye movements.

Why We Love Her?

Social media is full of talent & upcoming starts in the entertainment industry but the reason why Hoor Mahaveera gained 8 million fans within the span of 1 year is very simple.

Unlike other TikTokers, She doesn’t rely on vulgar jokes and pranks rather she banks on her natural beauty with the amazing talent of facial expression that can make any songs just more beautiful.

With her 5.7″ height she can carry any kind of dress so elegantly and makes her a perfect model for the ramp walk. She normally dressed in jeans & tops which she carries with dignity and modesty without being over-exposed which is loved in Pakistani religious and eastern culture.

Pakistani model & social media personality Hoor Mahaveera wearing black jeans with a miltary themed jacket
Hoor Mahaveers is 5.7″ tall which makes her carry jeans & Western dresses elegantly (Photo Credit: Instagram)
Hoor Mahaveera poses for the camera in black casual outfit
Hoor Mahaveera showcase her beautiful smile & green eyes with long light brown hair(Photo Credit: Instagram)
Pakistani girls dressed like an Arabian girl
In most of her videos, Hoor can bee seen dressed in jeans and tops which she always makes sure are not overexposing(Photo Credit: Instagram)
Pakistani TikToker Hoor Mahaveera
Hoor Mahaveera posses in a red sari and with light makeup, she looks like a Hoor(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Why & Where to Follow Her?

You can follow her on your favorite social media app, You can find here on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok.


If you are looking for just entertainment and small videos of her you can follow here TikTok and here is the link to her TikTok page.

Hoor Mahaveera’s TikTok @hoormahaveera


And if you don’t like the short video update you just want to keep herself updated about her latest videos on YouTube and what projects she is working on you can follow here the popular photo-sharing app Instagram.

Hoor Mahaveera’s Instagram @hoormahaveera


If you are keen to know what lifestyle she has and how she spent her days and what she does. You can follow her on YouTube and get to know her in detail where she also posts Vlogs & her makeup & style tutorial regularly.

Hoor Mahaveera’s YouTube Channel

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    Asalmualikum hi Hoor
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    I want long evening walks daily on sea side … i really love you
    I am single & loyal ..
    Love you hoor
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  2. Adeel says:

    Hello Hoor mai tumse kaise kahu mere paas alfaaz hi koi nahi hai tumhe kehne ko ke tum mujhe kitni achi lagti ho , jab bhi tumhe dekhta hun mere dil ki dhadkane bohat tez dorne lagti hain tum meri aankho ki thandak ho yaar . Mai tumse najayaz nahi nikaah ka taaluq jorna chahta hun .

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