Nida Yasir Kept the Loop Going as She Keeps on Repeating Mistakes & Then Apologizing

Nida Yasir Keeps her self in the Loop where she kept on repeating the same mistakes again and again and then apologize has become a regulation for her now.

Morning shows in Pakistan are serving nothing but negativity & class differences in society. Media houses have chosen TRP & controversies over the positive & constructive contribution to society. Many have chosen to ignore the morning shoes so as PEMRA and have let them free to humiliate others.

Nida Yasir a well know and arguably the queen of the morning shows in Pakistan has recently come into the spotlight again and once again as expected all for the wrong reasons.

“Nida Yasir Invited the parents of 5 years old girl Mawara, who was brutllay raped, to cash on to their grief in the light of ongoing heart-wrenching events in the country”

nida yasir in tight fitting jeans
Nida Yasir found herself in the spotlight all for the wrong reasons once again (Credit: Instagram)

Mawara is a fiver years old girl from Karachi who was found in a bad condition just a couple of weeks ago. Nida Yasir Invited her parents to her shows and ask them to describe the condition of her daughter & the last moments in detail which hurt many of her fans and called on her.

Many believe asking such a question the grieved parents will serve nothing but to hurt them and will add spices to the situation. Most of the viewers thought that asking the whole incident again and especially on national TV is inappropriate and insensitive.

Fans took to social media and start bashing her about being insensitive and for trying to cash on their grief to attain TRP and publicity to her famous show “Good Morning Pakistan”

Many fans demanded and reported to PEMRA a ban on her while we found very little support for her on social media.

Later Nida Yasir took to Instagram and posted an apologetic video where she clarified her position.


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She said that she hasn’t had any bad intentions behind the interview. In fact, she told viewers that she was approached by the parents of Mawara themselves for inviting them to the show so that they can get public support.

Nida Yasir further iterated that we all know that our departments are not as efficient as they should be, so having media support behind any case, the performance of law enforcement agencies can be pressurized to perform better than what they use to be normal.

This is not the first time that we saw Nida Yasir apologizing for something wen wrong in her show, the truth is that she often finds herself on the receiving end of social media onslaught numerous times and every time all that for the wrong reasons.

Being a part of a media group that can easily be said is blue-eyed for the people in power, every time she gets away with it.

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