Saba Qamar Gave Her Fans a Sneak Peek Into Her Next Project

Saba Qamar gave her fans a sneak peek into her latest project on Instagram story.

Pakistan’s arguably most talented and versatile actress Saba Qamar Zaman gave her fans a little sneak peek into her next project on Instagram.

The 36 years old film star & now also a YouTuber shared videos of her next project which is currently & understandably in the editing phase.

In the videos, The Hindi Medium actress can be seen dancing inside a water pool while she is singing and English song with acoustic tones of the guitar.

It is clearly evident that Pakistan’s most talented and versatile actress is also going to try her luck and showcasing her singing talent very soon.

saba qamar dancing underwater
Screenshot of one of the videos shared by Saba Qamar on her Instagram story (Credit: Instagram)

The 36 years old actress could be heard singing an English song on the tones of guitar and dancing, twisting underwater. Although the actress did not reveal any details about her next project in any of her recent interviews or from her story either, we can clearly figure out that the actress is working on her music video.

The multi-talented Saba Qamar, She wrote ‘Coming Soon’ with a finger crossed emoji which consolidate this the actress is in no mood to reveal the details about her next project at least unless it gets done and ready to be released.

Saba Qamar revealed her next project
Saba Qamar showed her immense talent of dancing & twisting underwater in her latest video (Credit: Instagram)
saba qamar is all set to for her singing debut
In a series of videos, the actress could be seen dancing underwater in a white, yellow & red dress which added to the beauty of an immensely talented & beautiful actress. (Credit: Instagram)
Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar found themselves in a controversy of disrespecting the mosque
Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar during the shooting of their music video Qubool (Credit: Instagram)

Earlier, Saba Qamar was seen Bilal Saeed’s music video ‘Qubool’, the music video went viral on social media & millions of fans & religious extremists blame them for disrespecting the mosques.

Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed later come forward to apologize to the fans for the using a mosque building in their music video. While many also came to support the actors and send nothing wrong as there was no dancing or intimate scenes shot in the mosque.

saba qamar in hiphop avtar
Earlier Saba Qamar was seen in the ad of Next Cola (Credit: Instagram)

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