Sajal Ali Sketched Ahad Raz Mir & it Turns Out to be somewhat Funny

Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir are spending some quality quarantine time together as the newly married couple is busy expressing their love for each other in their own way.

We already know that Sajal Ali is a very good actress but this highly talented actress has a new hobby and that is drawing, sketching, and painting during the lockdown seasons.

The Rangreza actress shared a picture of a sketch that she thinks of is Ahad Raza Mir. Although the actress is deeply in love with her husband and she thinks it is not easy to capture the beauty of Ahad Raza Mir.

Sajal wrote in the caption of the picture;

Trying out other art forms and trust me it’s not easy to capture this man’s beauty 🤣 What do you think?

sajal ali sketches ahad raza mir
Pencil sketch of Ahad Raza Mir made by her gorgeous wife Sajal Ali

Despite the fact that how much she loves him, but many of her friends did not think that she was able to sketch Ahad Raza Mir perfectly. Sajal Ali’s best friend Zara Noor Abbas commented.

This is someone else.

While many also agreed with her that she has justified her love with him, in response the actor Yasir Hussain replied to Zara Noor Abbas that it is actually him and he thinks that the slight change in the look is possible after marriage.

We all know that Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Ali tied the knot in March 2020 in Abu Dhabi.

sajal ali painting
Sajal Ali has painting as a new hobby during the lockdown

Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir are one of the most loved power couples of Pakistan. The couple falls in love with each other during the shooting of the drama serial Yaqeen Ka Safar.

The couple could be seen together in their new drama serial Yeh Dil Mera, which is currently running successfully on air on HUM TV.

Sajal Ali & Ahad Raza Mir
Sajal Ali & Ahad Raza Mir got married a month back in Abu Dhabi

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