Srha Asghar & Husband Umer Enjoying Post Marriage & Honeymoon Pictures

Srha Asghar & her husband Umer are on a loving honeymoon after their marriage last month in Karachi.

The 27 years old, young talented, and beautiful Srha Asghar shocked her fans at the end of last year as she broke her marriage news on Instagram by posting a marriage picture with her husband Umer Lala.

Srha Asgher with her husband
At the end of 2020, Srha Asghar gave a pleasant shock to her fans as the actress broke her marriage news on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

Payar Kay Sadqay actress is now in the Maldives enjoying a loving honeymoon with her husband Umer Lala and having quality time with her life partner.

The couple is having quality time in the Maldives with her husband and the actress being generous enough to share these beautiful and personal moments with her fans.

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The couple took to social media and posted their honeymoon pictures which give us a sneak peek into their loving honeymoon trip to the Maldives.

Srah Asghar on honemoon trip
The new married couple flew to the Maldives after their marriage. (Credit: Instagram)
Srha Asghar on the beach
The 27 years old actress surprised her fans with sudden marriage news. (Credit: Instagram)
The newly married couple have a quality times in the Maladives
The couple is having quality time in the Maldives as they enjoy themselves together. (Credit: Instagram)
srha ashar's honeymoon picture
The newly married couple is busy as they enjoy snorkeling and other beach sports on their honeymoon. (Credit: Instagram)

Srha Asghar and husband Umer Lala tied the knot on 30 December 2020 in Karachi. The actress gave a pleasant surprise to her almost 1 million Instagram fans.

Srha Asghar has been an inspiration for millions of people as the young actress shared her amazing weight loss journey with us and motivated millions of people to get fit.

Srha Asghar inspires million of people to loose wight
Once used to be chubby & bubbly Srha Asghar look super thin and fit during her honeymoon trip. (Credit: Instagram)
srha asghar eating dinner
What could be better than having a romantic dinner on the beach? (Credit: Instagram)
Srha Asghar on honeymoon
Captured it, such beautiful moments and looks made for each other. (Credit: Instagram)

srha asghar during her honeymoon

Srha Asghar's husband Umer Lala
Umer looks like a decent guy as of what we know about him.

Happily Ever After! The couple shares a big smile on their faces as they snapped a selfie together.
Srha Asghar enjoys a swing on the beach
Donned in yellow, Srha looks pretty as always as lets her long hair fall down her shoulders.
Srha Asghar as bride
And we created you in pairs (78:8), @lala_umer29 from today till infinity 😊

As the couple is having quality time post their marriage, we wish them a happy and successful life ever after.

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