The Churails Trailer is Out Now & Does it Worth Watching the Web Series by Zindagi

The Churails by Zindagi’s trailer is out now & we are presenting you in depth analysis of the trailer that whether it worth watching or not.

The Churails is directed by the Cake director Asim Abbasi and it is all set to be stream on Indian ZEE5 Global’s Zindagi channel on August 11.

The Cast of Churails

The main cast of the Churails includes Sarwat Gilani as Sara, Yasra Rizvi as Jugnu Chaudhary, Nimra Bucha as Batool, Mehar Bano as Zubaida and Omair Rana also played a vital role in the series.

Sarwat Gilani in Asim Abbasi's web series Churails
Sarwat Gilani as Sara in Churails, is more than just a perfect wife (Credit: Twitter)
Mehbar Bano in Zindagi & Zee 5's web series Churail
Mehar Bano as Zubaida in Churails is opposite to her name, She is a boxer (Credit: Twitter)
Nimra Bucha in Churails as Batool
Nimra Bucha as Batool played as fierce strong and deadly woman (Credit: Twitter)
Yasra Rizvi in Churails
Yasra Rizvi or Jungnu Chaudhry of Churails is the queen of the whole Churail world (Credit: Twitter)

The Storyline of the Churails

Churails is a story of four women who establish a covert detective agency to spying the cheating husbands. They hire plenty of women who works for them as expose the cheating husbands.

As their agency got established and operations extends, they start being support of harassed and domestically abused women.

In the fast paced storyline Sarwat Gilani is played a role of housewife of a cheating husband. Yasra Rizvi as Jugnu Chaudhry played as a wedding planer who is suffering in his wedding planing business.

Mehar Bano or Zubaida is a professional boxer while Nimra Bucha or Batool played a role of fierce & deadly murderer who just came out from the jail.

All four joined hands in hands and open a private detective agency, whose premier services is to spy on the cheating husbands but later they expanded their operations to help oppressed women too.

The Unrealistic Approach

What made me confuse that, whole of the story looks very unrealistic to me. They way they use abusive English & Urdu slangs that is totally against the culture of Pakistani women.

I have been the part of many high society & liberal parties as well, but the way the women have been projected in the series is totally opposite the reality in Pakistan.

From the Trailer, it is not clear that how these four women get together and starts the agency but the trailer did seem to be very catchy and gripping. I have never seen a bold and abusive language like this before in Pakistani films or dramas which is something new.

Being the web series, Asim Abbasi did take his chances to be more bold and aggressive in the dialogues and editing which is quite interesting. Also there is one more reason that Asim Abbasi wanted to capture the bigger market of India where web series are more bolder and has more abusive languages used in.

Anyways the trailer did make me wanting to see this web series as Pakistani director has tried something new and which may be worth watching. Please do inform us about your views whether do you like the trailer and waiting for the August 11 to series go on stream or not?

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