The Girl’s TikTok Video Went Viral Without Any Reason & She Got Thousands of Followers

Social Media is a strange thing, isn’t it? It can make you an overnight star and can send you to the depths of the depression if you get trolled or bullied on the internet.

TikTok has become the most popular social media app in the world as well as in Pakistan surpassing the social media giant Facebook with more downloads

TikTok has become the most popular social media app and it has taken over Facebook & Instagram in monthly downloads. People with more followers are called TikTok Stars and rightly for a reason that this app can make you an overnight stay. So this is exactly what happened with this girl and she became a TikTok star but for no reason.

khumariyan viral tiktok girl
TikTok star Ayesha’s TikTok video went viral & she gains more than 1 million likes

Her name is Ayesha & she is from Lahore but she becomes a TikTok star without doing anything in the video but only just standing in front of the dancing girl. Isn’t it strange that someone got thousands of followers and thousands of likes for a video that actually she hadn’t done anything in it?

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Ayesha from Lahore posted a video on TikTok on 16 June on the song “Khumariyan” which is actually mixed by the Dharana fame DJ Butt.

See the video here;

@ayesha_official5khumariyaan🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣♬ original sound – ayesha_official5

In the video, it can bee saw that Ayesha is almost just standing still not dancing but a girl which probably will be her friend is dancing crazily on the beats of DJ Butt while Ayesha who has actually become a big TikTok star in Pakistan wearing black Adidas leggings with a casual loose blacktop while her unknown friend in white leggings and the green top is dancing.

The video went viral on TikTok and other social media apps and until now has bagged approximately 1 million likes on and has been shared more than 37K times with 18 million views on TikTok only.

pakistani tiktok stars
Ayesha gained more than 900K TikTok fans due to the viral video

Fun Fact

Now there is a fun fact about the video, that fact is that the girl actually dancing in the video did not get any credit. Ayesha nor even bothered to mentioned (tag) her friend account who actually dancing while Ayesha was just watching her dancing like a spectator.

Ayesha is the ultimate beneficiary of the video while the girl who actually performed in the video got zero credit for it.

Before posting this video Ayesha had mare 76K followers on TikTok and 2.2K followers on Instagram but as soon as the video became viral, Ayesh is the ultimate beneficiary of the video which has gone more than 1.1 million fans until now and her Instagram followers have increased from 2.2K to 17K now while the main attraction of the video, the girl who dancing didn’t get any kind of credit.

It was actually rude on the part of Ayesh that she even doesn’t bother until now to mention/tag her friend so that she can also get some kind of credit to her dance moves.

While Ayesha has become an overnight TikTok star in Pakistan, she also has gained an increasing number of haters as well. Some so-called “Thaikedar” of Pakistani culture is blaming her for indecency and promoting vulgarity in Pakistan.

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