These Pictures of Burcu Kıratlı (Gopche) Will Make You Think That Esra Bilgic is Highly Overrated

Here are some pictures of Burcu Kiratli aka Gopche of Ertugurl that can actually force you to make thinking that Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan’s beauty is highly overrated in Pakistan.

Burcu Kiratli also is known as by her screen name in the Turkish drama series Gophce one of those characters who is being neglected under the shadows of the leading character of the series.

gopche or Gökçe of dirilis ertugurl
30 Years old Burcu Kiratli is a Turkish Model & Actress

Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan became the overnight celebrity in Pakistan being the leading lady of Ertugurl

Esra Bilgic played Halima Sultan in Ertugurl
Esra Bilgic became an overnight national crush of Pakistan being the leading lady of Dirilis Ertugurl

Pakistan’s male fantasy came to the party & Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan became an overnight crush of Pakistan. She started trending on social media, every boy wanted a girl like Halims Sultan.

Burcu Kiratli aka Gopche (Gökçe) of Ertugurl became a neglected beauty of Dirilis Ertugurl under the shadow of leading lady Esra Bilgic

We heard and read a lot about the beauty and talent of the Esra Bligic but the fact of the matter is that she is the only talented and beauty of the series?

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Bucru Kiratli played the role of
Burcu Kiratli as known as Gopche in Pakistan on the poster of Dirillis Ertugurl

Who is Burcu Kiratli aks Gopche?

Burcu Kiratli is 30 years old Turkish actress and model. She graduated from Yeditepe University in the Department of Visual Communication Design. She had also performed in many theaters & short movies in different roles.

The 30 years old actress also studied film making and studio management from Müjdat Gezen Art Academy before she signed in the famous Dirilis Ertugurl in the role of Gökçe also known as Gopche in the local language of Pakistan.

a closeup of Turkish Girl
Burcu Kiratli is a natural Turkish beauty that seemed to be neglected by the audience of Ertugurl

Burcu Kiratli or Gopche (Gökçe) Is Neglected by the Audience

Everyone seems to be talking and praising the beauty of Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan but no one is caring about the neglected and natural beauty of Burc Kiratli who indeed is much more beautiful and athletic than  Esra Bilgic.

Every time I see her on the screen I feel like Esra Biligic’s beauty is highly overrated against her. By saying this it does not mean that Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan is less beautiful or less talented by any means. But is this a natural instinct of human that people always talk about the leading roles of movies and series, no one cares about how much effort and participation of supporting roles means to the success of the project.

Is it a natural instinct of humans to only give attention, respect, love, and fame to the leading characters & neglect the supporting characters

athletic girls in red mini dress
This picture shows us the beauty & fitness of Burcu Kiratli

The 30 years old Burcu Kiratli draws my attention and made me search about her, It does not take long to find her verified Instagram and when I opened her page it surprised me with some stunning photos of this Turkish beauty.

Girl drinking protein shake
Burcu Kiratli is a perfect example of beauty with brains as she has graduated from university and has formal film making eduction

As I continued to scroll down to her profile, I learned she is not only an actress & model only rather she is a perfect example of beauty with brains who are also fitness enthusiasts. The actor’s Instagram pages are full of her fitness freaked body photos.

fitness girl in active wears
Burcu Kiratli showed her toned body in blue sports bra & black yoga pants

While she might be neglected by the Pakistani audience in Dirilis Ertugurl, the actress was never neglected by the local audience & leading brands she endorsed on her Instagram. The actress has also been featured on many leading international fashion, fitness & style magazines.

marie claire Turkey
Burcu Kiratli on the cover of Marie Clair
Burcu Kiratli
Burcu Kiratli looked smoking hot in the closeup

After watching & learning about the Burcu Kiratli, I found it hard to digest that she failed to impress the Pakistani audience and people only going crazy about Halima Sultan while Gopche is as neglected by the Pakistani audience as it was neglected by the Ertugurl. You can follow her Instagram here and be updated with her latest Instagram posts.

I am leaving this up to you people to respond to me whether she deserved the same type of applaud by us or not. Please do respond to me in the comment section below.

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