TikTok Star Minahil Malik Made it to Top 10 Searches on Google in Pakistan in 2020

TikTok star Minahil Malik made it to top 10 most searched people on the Google in the year 2020 in Pakistan.

Minahil Malik snaps a selfie for her Instagram account
Minahil Malik is the next big name in the social media & internet world. (Credit: Instagram)

2020 will always be remember due to global Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic but for some people it was also a life changing year, they became from nothing to a celebrity star.

In 2020, TikTok became the most downloaded app beating the social media giant Facebook. TikTok has a phenomenal phenomena that people with great number of followers known as celebrity or stars most referred as TikTok star.

Where many has bad memories about 2020 but few made this year count it as the most positive & productive year, Minahil Malik is one of those few people who can mark year 2020 is a success and end the year at a very positive node.

Minahil Malik standing at the roof top wearing black tights & frock
The TikTok star made year 2020 count as this year proved to be a huge turnaround for her career. (Credit: Instagram)

Who is Minahil Malik?

Minahil Malik is 22 years old Lahore born social media personality turned model and actress. She started making TikTok videos amateurly like every other youngster at the very beginning of short lip syncing video app.

She got and immediate success on the short video making app. Her sharp facial features with light green eyes caught attention of the millions on TikTok.

New summer style dressing in Pakistan
Her sharp facial features and light green eyes made her grab the attention of her viewers on short video sharing app. (Credit: Instagram)

 What Made Minahil Malik Most Searched TikTok Star on The Google?

It was quite a while when Minahil Malik was on the TikTok but she got only a handful thousands of followers but what make stirred the internet with her name was her private photos leaked.

In the allegedly leaked photos of the internet celebrity, she could be see wearing nothing on the top and snapping a selfie in the mirror.

Haris Ali & Minhahil Malik wearing a macthing dress
She has paired with Hairs Ali in most of her videos on TikTok. (Credit: Instagram)
Minahil Malik with Fiza Ali and Ashraf Khan
Minahil Malik with Fiza Ali and Ashraf Khan (Credit: Instagram)

The leaked photos & the videos of Minahil Malik broke the internet immediately and the social media start became and overnight internet sensation.

People start searching about her to know more about her on the Google which made her grab over 6 million TikTok followers and she is soon will achieve a million followers on the photo sharing app Instagram.

Unlike the rest of the world, year 2020 proved to be a happening year for the the TikTok celebrity. She achieved lot of milestones thanks to her leaked private photos & videos.

According to the official numbers released by the internet giant Google, Minahil Malik is at no. 6 on the list of the most searched people on the internet in Pakistan. She got all things right but for all that wrong reasons but who cares?

Minahil Malik standing the beauty saloon wearing an off white bridal dress
Right or Wrong, Minahil made this year count (Credit: Instagram)

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