Time Has Stopped for These Beauties, Age Defying Beauties of Pakistan

Time is flying for everyone and we are getting older with every passing moment but there are some people in this world that the time has stopped for them. We have made a list for you of these age defying beauties.

People in the showbiz are generally stayed fit and keep them look desirable for years & years but finally, time take over their beauty & desirability and the start looking get older but there are also few people in Pakistan’s showbiz & drama industry who has kept them as young as they were decades ago. We have compiled a list of Pakistan’s 10 most desirable age defying beauties for them time has stopped.

Here the list of Pakistan’ most age-defying beauties

  • Asma Abbas
  • Mahnoor Baloch
  • Reema Khan
  • Nida Yasir
  • Shaista Lodhi
  • Sana Fakhar
  • Nadia Khan
  • Nadia Hussain
  • Ayesha Khan
  • Ayesha Omar

Asma Abbas

mohter of zara noor abbas
Asma Abbas is most known for her role in 2018’s superhit drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

First in our list is the most aged but still looked like a teenage school going girl is Asma Abbas. The 61 years old actress is most known for her role in 2018’s superhit drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and her celebrity talkshow Awaz Day Kahan Hai on ATV

She is the younger sister of Pakistan’s acting legend Bushra Ansar and she is also the mother of today’s one of most well known and beautiful actress Zara Noor Abbas.

zara noor abbas mother
Wearing jeans and & casual short kurta

Asma Abbas started her acting career in 2000 and she is actively working till now. She looks half of the age she is, at the age of 61, she still looks younger than many actresses who is actually younger than her.

zara noor abbas with mother asma abbas
Zara Noor Abbas with Mother Asma Abbas

Mahnoor Baloch

The next in our list of Pakistan’s most talked-about age defying beauty. Yes, you guessed it right, it none other than the 51 years old Mahnoor Baloch who still looks like an 18 years old girl.

mahnoor baloch
Mahnoor Baloch still looks as young as a teeenage girl

Mahnoor Baloch is 51 years old now, she is the mother of 1 girl who is also married and Mahnoor Baloch is now a grandmother but she himself looks like a teenage girl.

mahnoor baloch pakistani actress
Mahnoor Baloch is often referred to as the fittest lady of Pakistan’s showbiz industry

Mahnoor Baloch started her media career in 1985 but she claimed to fame in her debut drama serial Marvi (ماروی) on PTV in 1993. In her 35 years long career, Mahnoor has done number of superhit drama’s and she has also been part of 1 Pakistani film & and a Hollywood film Torn.

Mahnoor Baloch
Mahnoor Baloch is by far most talked about celebrity of Pakistan because of her ageless beauty and fitness

Reema Khan

Reema Khan or most commonly knows as Reema undoubtedly was the queen of Pakistan’s film industry (Lollywood) back in 90s.

Reema Khan
Reema Khan was the biggest super start of Lollywood back in 90s

Reema Khan (Reema) is settled in the United States after her marriage but she is still active in the Pakistan TV industry, though she only works as the show host only.

Reema Khan

Nida Yasir

nida yasir
Wearing her own label, She looks younger and desirable dressed in all black.

The next celebrity that has made to our list is none other than the famous Good Morning Pakistan’s host Nida Yasir. Nida Yasir has 3 children but she has managed and kept herself desirable at the age of 47. Most of the people know her only due to her morning shows, but few know that she had a long acting career as well but later she limited herself on hosting to morning shows only.

nida yasir
Nida Yasir is also the mother of 3 kids but she has kept herself fit and desirable even at the age of 47.

Nida Yasir is married to a famous actor and producer Yasir Nawaz. In a recent pandemic situation both husband & wife along with their daughter, have tested positive for the COVID19. With the grace of God, the family has just finished their isolation and has survived the COVID19 infection. We still pray for their speedy recovery.

Shaista Lodhi

The next in our list is yet another morning host show, Shaista Lodhi. Shaista Lodhi born in 1977, Shaista Lodhi is now 42 but she still looks like a 22years old lady.

shaista lodhi
Despite being 42 years old, Shaista Lodhi looks like a 22-year-old lady. Many people don’t believe in the actual despite being the mother of 3 children, Shaista Lodhi has maintained herself very well

Shaista Lodhi is also known as the pioneer of the modern days Pakistani Morning Shows. She has changed the way morning shows in Pakistan used to be. She has been undoubtedly one of the most successful and elegant morning host shows of Pakistan.

shaista lodhi
Despite being the good host, She is also known for her styling and many people seek her as style & beauty mentor.

Sana Fakhar

Sana Fakhar is also amongst those beauties of Pakistan who don’t want to get older ever. She is also one of thoese beauties of Pakistan for whom the time has stopped. The 40 years old actress once used to be the front line actress of the Pakistani film industry (Lollywood).

sana fakhar in hot dressing
Dressed in black yoga pants, Sana Fakhar displays her best feature of being a fitness freak

The mother of 2, has been part of the number of Pakistani super hit films & TV dramas. She is one of those few actresses of Pakistan who not only worked in Pakistan but has been cast by the Bollywood films in the leading roles.

Sana Fakhar
Sana Fakhar is a fitness freak, and instead of getting older, she is getting younger with every passing year

At the age of 40, Sana Fakhar has developed a new interest in her life to be the fittest lady of Pakistan showbiz. She has started a new trend that many other celebrities are to follow. The actress posts her gym photos & workout videos regularly on her social media profiles to inspire others.

Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan is one of the most loved actresses and talkshows host of Pakistan. The 48 years old started her acting career in 1996 but she has not been so active in the field of acting rather she is known more as the presenter.

Pakistani beauty vlogger Nadia Khan
Nadia Khan started her acting career in 1996 from a superhit drama Pal Do Pal

She has been relatively less active in the mainstream media after her successful start of the career. The 48 years actress and presenter are now more active on her youtube channel than in mainstream media. She also run her beauty salon so she posts regularly beauty videos.

Nadia Khan
Nadia Khan recently been less active in the mainstream media but she is focussing on her YouTube channel and beauty salon business

Juggan Kazim

Juggan Kazim showing her Tee with cute face
Juggan Kazim is a Canadian returned Pakistan actress and presenter

Juggan Kazim is 40 years old Canadian returned Pakistani actress, She might be the less famous in our list be not the least. The 40 years old actress has also been part of some international projects as well.

Juggan Kazim in her morning show
Juggan Kazim also has her own YouTube Channel where she has beauty and fitness kind of videos for her fans

Juggan Kazim has been controversial in Pakistan social media for no reason. The actress often faces bullying from conservative YouTuber, who thinks she is an illicit girl.

Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan got married in 2018 and said goodbye to her acting career

Ayesha Khan is one of the most beautiful actress of Pakistan. The 37 years old, has said goodbye to her acting career after her marriage.

Ayesha Khan has been the part of many super hit dramas of Pakistan. Her latest superhit drama was Mann Mayal, after Mann Mayal, the actress got married to Major Uqbah Hadeed Malik and has said goodbye to acing career.

During her career, the actress was often believed to be in a scandalous relationship with Humayun Saeed and many believe he was behind her delayed marriage.

Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan got married at the age of 36, which is considered to be delayed marriage in Pakistan’s conservative society

Ayesha Omar

Last but not least is Pakistan’s multi-talented actress, presenter, host, singer, model & painter Ayesha Omer. Ayesha Omar once of Pakistan’s most successful personality. She is considered to be the country’s most stylish & bold beauty of Pakistan.

ayesha omer's age
38 Years old Ayesha Omar still single and one of the most talked about celebrity of Pakistan

Aysha Omar has done numerous acting project but ARY digital’s drama serial Bulbulay has become her identity as a Khoobsorat which actually she is.

Ayesha Omar undoubtedly is the most stylish and bold actress of Pakistan. She can rock any kind of look form eastern looks to bold western looks, she equals them all.

38 years old Ayesha Omar considered as Pakistan’s style icon

Ayesha Omar is one of the highest-paid actresses of Pakistan. The actress often feels heavy criticism from the conservative people due to her bold and stylish avatar but many see her as an inspiration. At the age of 38, Ayesha is still single.


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