Ushna Shah is all set to get her pre quarantine body back

Ushna Shah is all set to get her pre quarantine body back as she is back to the gym with her new trainer Fatima Zara Malick.

The Bashar Momin & Alif Allah Aur Insaan actress took to Instagram and announced that she is back to the gym to get her well-toned slim & slander pre quarantine body back as she has gained few extra pounds during the months-long lockdown.

ushna shah in gym with her trainer Fatima Zara Malick
Ushna Shah is back to the gym for a post quarantine workout with trainer friend Fatima Zara Malick

The 30 years old TV actress was clad in pink yoga pants and with a black tee top as she detailed her gym look with a high ponytail.

She gave a picture-perfect smile as the cute and modest smile created dimple chicks as she sat down on the wooden floor of the gym. She matched her nails with her yoga pants white strips as she presented her beautiful feet for her fan’s gaze while actor & TV presenter fitness trainers Fatima Zara Malick looks towards her with a smiley face.

The Younger sister of Isra Ghazal and daughter of the legendry actress Ismat Tahira once known as a chubby and over-weighted actress has transformed herself into a slim and athletic person.

The 30 years old actress posted a series of pictures on Instagram with a lengthy caption with a bicep muscle Emoji and tagged her trainer friend Fatima Zara Malick & her gym’s page FZM Boutique Fitness.

ushna shah in FZM Boutique Fitness with Fatima Zara Malick
Ushna Shah looks in casual conversation with her friend & trainer Fatima Zara Malick

Time to get my body back!

Said by the actress as she also added that she met Fatima Zara Malick 6 years ago when she pulled her groin muscle in a gym during a workout session and how she helped her to get over this muscle injury.

She further said that as she is a friend with her since then and she knows how great person she is, now she decided to get trained by her as she wants her pre quarantine body back.

Ushna also expresses that Fatima Zara Malick one of the best trainers in Pakistan. Being a TV host and presenter and multi-talented, Fatima Zara Malick can make a stressful workout session into a causal friend gathering with her witty jokes and sense of humor.

ushna shah in tight leggings
Ushna Shah working out with her new trainer in FZM Boutique Fitness
Fatima Zara Malick
Fitness trainer Fatima Zara Malick is multi-talented actress & celebrity stylist

We all know that Ushna Shah is a kind of reserved personality and generally she has been media-shy and she has only fewer friends and Fatima Zara Malick is one of those few people who snuggled into her personal life and became a good friend of her.

Being a good friend, Ushna did not forget to give a huge shout out to her friend’s personal page and her boutique gym’s page.

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