Aurat March was way more than “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”

Aurat Mrach has been talking of the town for past one week in Pakistan, while the anti aurat march was only targeting the slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”, the aurat march was way more than this.

Most of the Pakistani are against the slogans and placard held by the aurat march participants due to the language used on them, I am no exceptions from other Pakistani, but Aurat March was not only about the Mera Jism Meri Marzi only, it also showed the positive side of the march. I am a true supporter of women’s empowerment but no empowerment can be used to disgrace other beliefs and culture. It is true that its your body and you have full right to use it the way you want to use it, but you can not enforce this slogan to everyone.

“Mera jism meri marzi means you can do anything with your jism even someone’s rape?”

The feminists who believe that no social boundaries on your body forgets, if truly there are no social boundaries on your bodies then how can they blame the rapists? Rapists also use their bodies to rape other’s bodies.

Feminists forgot that your freedoms end where the next person’s freedoms start, you are free to live your life until you don’t hurt anyone’s sentiment and feeling.

Few feminists just disgraced the noble cause of women empowerment with their disgraceful remarks about our social and religious values. But there was not everything wrong in the aurat march. We have compiled some positive highlights of aurat march that are needed to be appreciated. You might disagree with most of the placards and slogans of the azadi march but it is also a fact that everything is not wrong with the aurat march in Pakistan.

1. Aao Khana Sath Banaeyen

young teenage girl holding a placard in aurat march
There is nothing wrong to cook food, it will not kill your male ego either.

A young girl in aurat march has a very decent and nice message for all of us. Her slogan is “Aao Khana Sath Banaeyen” and I really don’t see anything wrong if a man can also help in household chores. Man can also cook food, he can also do the dishes or laundry. In my point of view, a good husband helps his wife to cook food. Why our society labeled man as “Run Mureed” if he is helpful for his wife. Every loving and caring husband in Pakistan is known as the ran mureed / slave of his wife.

2. Stop making doctors sit at home

a girl in white shalwar kameez with placard

Pakistan is a country where approximately 80% of women doctor does not practice their studies rather they sit at home and cooking foods for their husband. A young doctor in participant in the aurat azadi march has the perfect placard

young doctor girl holding a placard in aurat march

I just love the message that the girl doctors are made to serve the people not just to get a good husband’s rishta.

3. Stop the Dowry

placard against dowry in pakistan

Dowry has been the biggest curse in Pakistani society. Due to the dowry issue, most of the parents don’t spend money on education, parents pray for the son so that they don’t have to spend their hard-earned money on the marriage & dowry of their beloved daughter.

a village woman holding a placard against dowry

4. Men Who Are Not Afraid of Women Empowerment

a feminist man holding a placard in favour of women liberation

Not all man hate women empowerment, this has been proved by the huge number of men present with women at the aurat azadi march in Pakistan.

an old pakistani man with placard

Rightly said by the old man that man of quality don’t fear the equality.

Young boy at aurat march

A placard held by this young man has a beautiful message written on it. There is no doubt that no treasure can be bigger than education. We must promote the education of girls in our society.

a young man in aurat march Pakistan

5. What can be More Powerful Than This?

female police officer in Pakistan leading the police team

Perhaps these images are the most powerful images of the aurat march in Pakistan that none other than woman police officer is leading the patrolling team in aurat azadi march.

woman police patrolling in Pakistan

This proves that it all depends upon the mentality of the parents & the girl. If you are enough strong mentally, your parents will support you whatever you want to achieve in this world.

lady police pakistan

6. Stop Forced Conversions

woman holding a placard against forced conversions in pakistan

There is no doubt one should be totally free to live their life according to their own beliefs. Forced conversions have been the biggest issue in Pakistan that have left minorities in Pakistan thinking that they are not safe here.

young girl in aurat azadi march

True Muslim Pakistani men can not argue that one should be totally free to live his/her life the way they want. You must be totally free to choose your religion and life partner as well.

a liberal woman in Pakistan protesting again forced conversions

Not but the least “Mera Pass Tum Ho”

placard against khalil ur rehman qamar


We can not be against the aurat march on the basis of few wrong slogans and few miss leading feminists, The larger picture is much better as it is being portrayed by the electronic media in Pakistan.

Do let us know about your opinion about the aurat azadi march in Pakistan.