Mathira Hit Back After Her Body Hugging Jeans Pictures Went Viral

Mathira hit back after her pictures wearing tight body-hugging jeans went viral on social media. We all know that Mathira has the best body curves in Pakistan & she never misses a chance to flaunt her curves and show her big behind.

The Zimbabwe-born Bol Bachat Wala Card Game Show host isn’t afraid to show her killer curves and thick thighs with the big rear on  Instagram to her near to 332K followers

Mathira’s picture wearing a high waist body hugging jeans went viral, People are blaming her for indecency and calling her with bad names

mathira leaked pics
The Game Show presenter hit back to her hatters in a befitting manner by showing her big rear to them once again
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Mathira is hosting a Bol Bachat Wala Card Game Show on Bol TV

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mathira hot pics
Mathira’s body-hugging jeans pictures went viral on social media & people are blaming for indecent clothing
mathira hot pics
Mathira has been very regular on Instagram to show her body curves, thick thighs & ample rear to her fans

Mathira is following the world wide big booty trend and she can be easily said the big booty and curve queen of Pakistan. Mathira has been very regular on posting her hot pics on Instagram. Mathira has been loud and she is not shy of her curvy thick body in fact she is loud and clear that she loves her body and proud to have big breasts & huge curvy behind.

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The 28 years old VJ & presenter has been bullied by the people for being extra bold & hot that most of them can’t handle. The mother of 1 also has more active after her divorce from her former singer & rapper husband. She might be on a mission to make him jealous that what he has missed actually. But in our Pakistani society, there is always one section who are always been the “thaikadar” of Pakistan culture and our moral values.

Mathira has been loud & clear that he love her thick & curvy body and she’s not going to change her clothing & lifestyle

The 28 years Zimbabwe-born game show presenter post a lengthy post on Instagram with once tight body-hugging jeans and popping up her big bottom out to pointing on her hatters that she is never gonna change, in fact, she has such befitting reply for them, she wrote;

People these days will judge you by your skin tone by your body weight and shape they will name you blame you by your dressing every one only sees faults in others owns a Speacial power of knowing who is going to hell!!

Agreed, we can’t predict that who is going to hell or he is going to enjoy heaven.

Society will never be happy we want to laugh at people NOT with laugh with people bully them NOT build them name THEM put all their life frustration on someone who they don’t even know…

mathira hot pictures
For Mathira, Showing her ample bosom & big rear has become normal to show her ample bosom & big bottom

I know my self I see people with their soul not with with their cloths skin tone or body weight or status … A little request for u all every one you bully might not be strong like me might break down please be kind pls change show lOve …

She was very loud and clear in her post and request people not to bully others on the bases of their clothes, skin tone, or marital status. Nevertheless, she also pointed out that how it can be life-threatening for someone, we have recently seen a high profile suicide in India by the actor Sushant Singh Rajput due to depression.

correct ur self first let God decide who is a saint and sinner

Yes, we are 100% agreed here with Mathira, that in fact, we start correcting others, we shall correct ourselves. If I don’t like something, I have to start it from my home and especially form my own self first.

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