Mathira Instagram Photos are Too Hot to Handle for the Our Desi Audience

Mathira is and will always be the most controversial celebrity of Pakistan due to her boldness & her most scandalous Instagram photos. The game show host never disappoints her fans and provides them a lot to comment on her depending upon their choices. Some like her boldness and sending her well-wishing messages, while her hatters are always commenting on her to show some shame if she has any.

We have just compiled Mathira’s hottest Instagram photos for you that will let you know why the actress & TV host is so popular & controversial in Pakistan.

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Mathira’s Thick Thighs for the Life

The 28 years old actress & TV host took to Instagram and posted a photo of her curvaceous body dressed in black chemise low cut top & in a boy short. The actress and game show host put her thick backside on a full display to treat her fans with a good look of her well-toned thick thigs and rear, she captioned the photos;

Roses are red violets are blue 🥀 If he is always busy the side chick is you 🤪#mathira

Mathira in black boy short
Mathira put her curvy body, thick thighs & big rear on a full display in her latest Instagram post.
Mathira in shot dress
Mathira posses so naughtily as she posted the picture on her Instagram on Friday morning
a girl in black dress standing in front of wall as she posses in a smile
In her third photo of the carousel, the actress smiles on her hatters naughtily.

Badbitch Monalisa Look

Soon after she got out of her bed, Mathia again took to Instagram for the second time of the day to show her badbitch Monalisa type look as the actress smiled sheepishly and posed like the Monalisa. The actress captioned this series of the phots as;

Badbitch look like Monalisa💁🏾‍♀️ #mathira

Mathira Instagram photo
Mathira wore a light pink top with a wide neck showing off her black bra straps and beautifully designed minimalistic black necklace

Bigger & Brighter Backside

The 28 years model-actress & TV host Mathira posted a series of pictures in a pick crop top and silk navy pajamas. The actress addressed her hatters in this post and she captioned;

To people who don’t like me not my fault, My backside is bigger and brighter then your future. Sorry I ain’t sorry 😋Kiss my 🍑 #mathira #dontcarebehappy #thickwomen #pjs

This time actress went on one step further as clearly showed her big backside and claimed to her hatters that she is never shy and afraid to show her thick & curvaceous figure.

Mathira big ass
The actress posed in front of the wall wearing silky navy pajamas to show her apple bottoms.
Mathira's curvy body
A side pose of the actress makes a statement that the actress does have a curvy & thick body

Cleavage & the Tatto

Mathira posted a picture on Instagram with a teddy bear as the actress dressed in a cream color tank top which has a deep neck and barely able to cover her ample bosom but the top clearly failed to cover the huge cleavage of the actress. The actress purposely wore a revealing top to show her big breast and her tattoo. She captioned the photos;

Yes I use filters so what? Your ex used you and nobody said anything about it😁😛
#mathira #myteddy

mathira with teddy bear
Mathira posed with her big teddy bear as she purposely wore a revealing top which put her ample bosom, deep cleavage & Chinese tattoo on a full display
Mathira in sexy dress
Mathira posed on the bed to show her cleavage as she never shy’s off anything

Mathira clearly never shy’s off to show anything. She is daring and bold and we love the way she is. Let’s be real, Mathira knows how to keep her fans and hatters on the toes. She is never afraid to wear scantily dresses and never ashamed of posing her body in a way that put her curves and thickness on full display.

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