Mathira’s hottest pictures that prove she is curve queen of Pakistan

We all know Mathira for her bold and blunt nature, she never hesitates to speak on any matter no matter if it is even about her body parts or sex life. She is sexy in nature and we have compiled her hottest pictures which speak for itself that Mathira is the hottest celebrity of Pakistan. Although Mathira was never able to make her mark with her on-screen performance rather she is discussed in a more negative way in our society.

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She is the only actress in Pakistan that has clearly spoken about her bums. She told in an interview that she knows that she has big bums and her proud to have big bums. Most people in Pakistan called her slut for being so outspoken. We have even not forgotten that when she was on her India tour, the interviewer asked her a question that what is the best feature she has, she was not shy to respond that she has big round bums and she knows that people like her bums and she is not shy to show it.

“She has said outspokenly that she knows that she has big round bums, people love her bums and she is never hesitate to show it.”

Mathira was the target of our conservative media when she did the Josh condoms commercial. She is always labeled with wrong words in Pakistan but she never cares about her hatters and continues to live the life she loves. She has always been proud of her curvaceous and thick body and she has spoken about her body number of times.  She also told that she never hesitates to show her body, Mathira knows that she has a sexy and hot body and said she is proud of it. Mathira loves to show her body and we have compiled her hottest pictures that prove she is curve queen of Pakistan.

Mathira in backless sexy dress

back shot of a girl wearing a deep backless short dress

Remember the time when Mathira posted back shot wearing a dark purple sexy backless short dress pairing black high heels which added to her sexiness. She is proudly showing her ample bums and her tattoo of her back. She is also one of those few celebrities of Pakistan who has a tattoo on their bodies.

Mathira in Bike Shorts

girls standing in terrace wearing bike shorts

The next picture we have, Mathira standing in a terrace in front of the beach and skyline of Dubai wearing body-hugging bike shorts paired up with matching long sleeve top. This dress might have covered her more body, but it gave you a detailed look at her curvy and thick body.

Mathira black boy suite

girl playing with teddy bears in black bodysuit

Next in, she is wearing a black bodysuit, her legs are completely naked with nothing to hide. He bends legged posed is clearly to point her big booty out of her body to seek attention.

In the Rolls Royce

girl sitting in the car wearing see through top
Mathira in Rolls Royce

Mathira sitting in Rolls Royce with her ample bosom might be the hottest picture ever she has posted. She is wearing a beige color of Pants with see-through top and black bralette, He big cleavage is perfectly on display to gaze your eyes.

Mathira’s Flat Tummy

mathira in black jeans and bralette

Mathira rocked this look completely wearing tight jeans and black bralette with a long gown as on addon to this sexy dress. He well-toned and super flat abs are in full display that gives us a clear indication that how much body-conscious she is despite being the mother, she has maintained her body very well.

Mathira in black bikini

girls coming out from swimming pool

Coming out from the beach in a black bikini, her deep cleavage is on full display for our gaze. Her Mandarin tattoo just added to her beauty and confidence.

mathira lying on the beach in a sexy dress

Lying on the beach in a black swimsuit she totally killed this look. She got some harsh comments on this post as well but as always Mathira never cared about her haters.

Cleavage on full display

mathira in pink dress


Mathria might have thought she covered all of her body in this pink dress but her ample bosom and deep cleavage remain on full display for the people’s gaze.

Mathira goes naked?


Last but not least is the latest picture that Mathira posted on her Instagram account, lying on comfy bed probably naked? in a Chicago hotel room, We love this relatively simple avatar wearing minimum makeup this time.

We would like to know about your thoughts on Mathira’s hottest pictures, is she is really a curve queen of Pakistan? Please provide us with your valuable opinion in the comment section below.

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