Meet Esra Bilgiç who is the Latest Pakistan’s National Crush

In the middle of a global Covid19 pandemic, Pakistan’s National TV, PTV start airing of Turkish historical fictitious drama series Diriliş: Ertuğrul. Which is seeing unprecedented popularity in Pakistan that it has become national discourse to discuss the drama series? The Turkish drama series has started many debates among the Pakistani community which is even raising questions about our own identity & authenticity of our own cultural history.

poster of Turkish drama series Diriliş Ertuğrul
Diriliş Ertuğrul is a Turkish historical fiction in which many Pakistanis are believing that incidents shown in the drama series are all true.

Historical events are aligned and have shown in a way that most of the Pakistani men are already start believing that shown in the drama series, is 100% true events even they are in a fantasy world where they believe that actresses working in the drama series are actually from the 13th century & they dressed up like that in the real-life also.

“Pakistani male fantasy comes to the party when they saw the girl playing the role of Halime Hatun aka Halima Sultan”

Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç sitting on the beach

The Pakistani male fantasy comes to the party when they saw the girl playing the role of Halime Hatun aka Halima Sultan, the 29 years old Turkish actress Esra Bilgic (Esra Bilgiç). It did not take long for Pakistani men to Google out her name and find her Instagram profile.

“Surprising Esra Bilgic (Esra Bilgiç) gained more than 1.5 million fans from Pakistan who have meager 560K fans before the start of screening of the drama series in Pakistan”

innocent girl wearing specs taking selfie
This image of Esra Biligic can really find you off guard and makes you weak in the knees

Surprising Esra Bilgic (Esra Bilgiç) gained more than 1.5 million fans from Pakistan who have meager 560K fans before the start of screening of the drama series.

Pakistan men caught up in a surprise what they saw on the Instagram of Esra Bilgiç was not a typical wife of 13th-century Muslim warrior rather there is a Turkish girl who is wearing all modern & western clothes which are the norm in Turkey.

a girl sitting in the boat in the middle of the sea
Pakistani men are just can’t coup with the reality that Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan is a typical Turkish girl and wearing jeans and short is the norm in her society

But that did not stop Pakistani men to schooled her and telling her how to dress & how to behave like the wife of 13th century’s Muslim warrior. Many fans are already shaming her due to her dressing style & her bold real-life avatar.

a girl coming out from the sea

But many fans are also showering love to her real-life beauty. For years Pakistan men have successfully maintained the standard of the double standard. They like what the see but they don’t want it to happen to actually them what they like or what they see.

a girl in the black swimming suit

It looks like Pakistani men have just forgotten that she is not actually Halime Hatun aka Halima Sultan from the 13th century and she is actually not the wife of Muslim warrior rather she is 21st century’s Turkish actress.

a beautiful selfie of esra bilgic

“Pakistani men want her to look like 13th century’s Muslim warrior’s wife”

Turkish girl in black jeans & loose causal black top
Esra Bilgiç is slaying all-black jeans and black casual top

Despite being the drama fictions many are start believing that Turk’s history was so rich and they start doubting on our own cultural history. But Pakistani are exposed in their own interests in the drama that instead of the positive intakes of the drama they are drooling upon the Turk girls instead.

Turkish girl in red professional suite

Even the Turkish actress Esra Bilgic has become more known face in Pakistan than in her own country.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul actress Esra Bilgiç standing in skinny black jeans with pink tee in a corridor
The super and sexy slim slender legs of Esra Bilgiç are in full display in black skinny jeans and casual pink tee

Fans are still not able to believe Halima Sultan (Esra Bilgic) can wear skinny jeans or bikini they wanted to see her in her character all the time.

esra bilgic looking very beautiful

And there are no doubts that She looks pretty when she is in casual and Western or you can say in her natural avatar.

Her slim slender and perfectly toned figure is just perfect for those kind of dresses.

Esra Bilgic enjoying the nature

lead actress of drama series Diriliş: Ertuğrul

After seeing all these beautiful pictures of Esra Bilgic, one must agree that why she has bagged more than 1.5 million Pakistani followers on her Instagram.


Esra Bilgiç the lead actress Diriliş Ertuğruls of

The actress itself winning the heart of Pakistan with her true natural beauty.

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