Srha Asghar’s Extreme Weight Loss Journey will Inspire You to Get Fit Today

Srha Asghar weight loss journey is a pleasant shock indeed that how she finds some impressive and motivational methods of losing weight. While many others lost their way and failed miserably in doing so. She is a young, talented, and energetic beauty who has quickly risen to the mainstream media’s attention. Currently, we can see her in action in an ongoing Hum TV’s drama serial “Payar Kay Sadqay” in the role of sister of the drama’s lead male as a Washma. She can be seen as a young and powerful sister of a slightly mentally challenged brother but what impressed us more is Srha Asghar’s Extreme weight loss journey.

srha asghar weight loss before and after
Srha Asghar’s extreme weight loss journey is true impresses many of us to lose weight and get fit today

In recent times, Srha Asghar shared her old pictures on her Instagram account which was a shock for her fans. Srha uses to be a bubbly chubby fat little girl who has now transformed herself into a young beautiful & slender woman and has shown immense will power and dedication to her fitness. The actress shocked all of us with her before and after transformation posts.


The actress posted her before and after picture and answered the questions she has been asked by her fans a number of times regarding her weight loss journey. She tried to help many others with her success stories by answering their questions.

I would like to answer that as I also used to Google the same question at the start of my diet.

Payar Kay Sadqay starring actress wrote;

“Someone recently asked me this question. I would like to answer that as I also used to Google the same question at the start of my diet.”

Q. If I stop doing workout or diet will I gain weight?

The answer is yes! Anything that you do and leave it…it will have an impact on you. If you are working out and you completely leave it there are chances you will gain weight quicker. BUT… If you maintain your diet there are chances you will gain less weight. To balance fitness; Diet and Workout both have to be maintained.

The actress told her fans;

“Diet and workout is a lifestyle, not a trend..if you start doing it then do it with full commitment.”

srha asghar before and after
Srha Asghar used to be a fat cubby and bubbly teen who has transformed herself into a slim, slender, and fit lady.

Here are the 5 most Googled questions that she uses to Google when she was suffering from obesity;

1️⃣ Quicker ways to lose weight?
2️⃣ Exercise to lose thigh fat?
3️⃣ Diet plan to lose weight faster?
4️⃣ I tried every diet but I’m not losing weight?
5️⃣ How to boost metabolism?

She also asked her fans to share their questions, that they use Google to get help from the internet.

Srha Asghar weight loss journey
The actress’s weight loss journey truly a motivational one for all of us who are having issues with gaining weight quickly

Srha Asghar weight loss journey is summed up by her in 5 questions that she has been asked to her most by her fans.

1. Quicker ways to lose weight

There is no way that you lose weight quickly for the long term.. the quicker you lose the quickest you gain. It takes patience and time to achieve.

2. Exercise to lose thigh fat

Eat a lot of protein like egg whites, chicken with less oil, more vegetables, and less sugar. Also do bodyweight workouts. But you lose weight overall you can never target only one area. If you lose weight you lose it all over your body.

3. Diet plan to lose weight faster

There are many diets on Google but trust me it can be harmful to your health. If you want to maintain a diet then do it for a LIFETIME.

4. I tried every diet but I’m not losing weight

Well.. there is always something you are doing wrong.. either you are not eating properly or maybe not working out.. or it could also be other health issues… Get it checked with a doctor/physician/dietician.

5. How to boost metabolism

drink a lot of water, eat slowly, eat in small portions, sleep properly, be active, workout.

Note: I’m not a doctor/ physician/dietician. So do everything at your own risk. I will not be responsible.

Srha Asghar’s Weight Loss Journey in Numbers

Srha Asghar weight loss before and after
From waist size 36, she is now just 28

In her recent interview in a TV morning show, Srha Asghar said that She was 65 KG and with waist size 36, when she decided that she is going to lose those extra pounds on her body as she wanted to be in the industry.

a girl holding mobile phones in her hands
We like her when she was chubby and we also do like her more when she is super thin.

She gave an important message to her fans that never hate themselves even though when they are having extra weight. She said that she loved herself when she was fat & chubby and she loved herself now even more. It is just a matter of times and your will power, everyone can lose weight.

She said many people failed to lose weight because of the reason when they start losing weight, most of them just lost their focus and start eating junk or unhealthy foods again which results in them gaining more weight quicker than ever before. She said she lost weight just because she wanted to lose weight. So never get your focus wrong and maintaining a balanced weight and healthy diet is not for just for few months or weeks, it is a lifestyle and you have to follow this for the rest of your life.

We hope that Srha Asghar’s weight loss journey must have impressed and motivated you the way it did to us. Never forget to let us your opinion about her weight loss journey down in the comment section.

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