25 Types of high heels, you never know before

Women are crazy about their styling from clothes to shoes they need everything new and different from others. But how many of them knows types of high heels they wear? in this article, we will talk only about the shoes and in particular about the heels. Heels are a weakness of almost every woman. Women love wearing high heels and so as men like to see them in the heels, but most of the men and many of the women don’t know the names of the heels they are wearing, mostly known them as heels or high heels but do you know that there is the name for every type of high heels.

Women love wearing high heels and so as men like to see them in the heels

High heels are more than 27 types but in this article, we will only cover the 25 most popular high heels. So without any further delay lets know which are the most common high heels are in the markets.

Here are the most popular high heels which are easily available in the markets.

1. Kitten Heels

lady wearing red high heel booties

Kitten high heels are one of our favorite heels. It’s a perfect blend of style and comfort for wearing lengthy days at work or events. These heels normally not higher than 2.5 inches. Kitten heels can be found in various styles.

2. Pumps (high heels)

Pumps are also known as high heels

In our list at no. 2 are Pumps or simply known as high heels. Pumps normally are wider and higher than 3 inches and can be up to 5,6 inches. Pumps or high heels mostly are low cut around the front.

3. Sling Back Heels

slingback high heels

Sling Back heels have a strap that goes around the back of the heel. Slingback heels have a classy and elegant look which gives them high popularity and many women choose to wear them on parties and functions.

4. Ankle Strap Heels

ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels are very much like slingback heels. Ankle strap heels are one of the most popular types of heels. The hight of the heels can vary from 2 inches to 6 inches. What gives the ankle strap heels a class look is a strap that goes around the ankle, which provides a classy and elegant look as well as it keeps the heels more secure and helps in a comfortable walk.

5. Stilettos

Stilettos high heels

Here comes the Queen of all the high heels, Stilettos are the highest of all the heels. The height of the heel can reach up to 8 inches. Due to enormous height, the stilettos can cause a problem in walking and it requires skill to walk in.

6. Cone Heels

cone high heels

As the name suggests, cone heels are cone-shaped heels, narrower at the base & wider from the top. Just think about an ice cream cone and here you go. Cone heels are one of the most popular heels. These are my personal favorite.

7. Platform Heels

platform heels

Height of the platforms heels can vary from short to tall. What makes a platform different from other types of heels is the sole platform, the bottom sole has a platform type of look that is noticeably thicker. Many women like them because the thick platform makes less difference between front and back which makes them more comfortable to walk in.

8. High Heel Sandals

Simple a sandal with high heels. The height of the heel can vary, style of the heel can vary too, it can be anything but it will have sandal shape.

9. Cut Out Heels

cut out high heels

Cut out heels are funky, stylish, cools and trendy. It could be any type of heels but its upper part will have a cut-out effect for a stylish look.

10 Cork High Heels

Cork High Heels

Cork high heels are simply made of cork material. Cork heels can also vary in height and can be of a different style but what makes them different from the other is their material. Cork material makes them softer, lighter and a cushioned type of feeling them makes them popular among the women.

11. Spool Heels

girl in red trouser wearing spool heels

If you can think about the spool, you might get it. Spool heel is shaped like a spool. The heel has a wider foot and narrower in the middle and then it arches out of the back to give it a perfect spool look. These heels can also come in different styles and in variable heights but usually spool heels are not higher than 3.5 inches.

12. Wedge Heels

black wedge heels
Wedge heels have unique styling, there is no separation in the heel & the platforms rather, all heel/shoes is like a huge platform. Wedge heels are popular among teenage girls.

13. Wedge Sandals

different styles of wedge sandals
Wedge sandals are similar to the wedge heels but it has sandals like the design. The upper & front part is cut out to give it a sandal like a look. The wedge sandals are popular among teenage girls.

14. Peep Toe Heels

peep toe heels also knows as open toe heels
Peep Toe Heels are also known as open-toe heels. Peep-toe heels give a perfect peep to your beautiful & colorful toes. The purpose of the open toe or peep toe is to show your toe’s nail polish.

15. High Heel Boots

Popular in winter, choice of everyone to give your feet a comfy & warmly cozy feeling in the winter. High heel boots are most popular with jeans though they also look classy when paired with skirt.

16. High heel Booties

high heels booties also known as ankle booties
High heel booties also are known as ankle booties. These booties are most popular in the spring season when it is hard to wear long high heel boots for a full day.

17. Mules Heels

girl in jeans wearing mules
Mules are more like sandals, the height of the mules can vary, the style of mules can also vary. It could be open-toe or closed-toe. It is one of the most popular heels due to its easy-going nature just like a regular slip in.

18. Ballroom Dance

ballroom heels provide extra balance & support
Ballroom Dance shoes also known as ballroom dance heels. Ballroom dance heels are strappy, mostly have enclosed back with an ankle strap, ballroom dance shoes provide extra support and make you get going to your groove on.

19. Corset Heels

corset high heels refer to corsets type which are tied together

Corset heels are similar to a corset or waist trainer, both sides of the corset heels are tied together traditionally like a corset tied around the waist.

20. French Heels

French heels are closed to spool heels. Like spool heels, it also has curved heels that are thinner in the middle and heavier from bottom and top. French heels also known as Louis heels and some also called them Pompador Heels.

21. Oxfords Heels

Oxfords high heels have that school shoes types of look

Oxfords have that school shoes look with mostly flat heels. But now we are seeing Oxfords with lots of new heels types. Now Oxfords are available in almost all types of heels, a typical high heels or with cone heel.

22. Chunky Heels

chunky high heels

Chunky heels typically have a wider square base. Chunky heels height most vary from short to medium. Due to the wider square base, it provides more stability than normal high heels or pumps.

23. Comma Heels

colorful comma heels

Comma heels are shaped like a comma. Yes, you are right we talking about the punctuation mark comma. The comma heels can be seen in both directions, like a regular comma or inverted commas.

24. Espadrille Heels

Espadrille Heels are typically made of fabric

Espadrille heels uppers are made of fabric and have plaited fiber sole, Espadrille Heels became popular on the global scene quickly. It can have a heel or wedge as the base. Espadrille is somewhat new to the fashion scene.

25. Fantasy Heels

fantasy heels are like a fantasy, they could be anything

Fantasy heels are like fantasy. They are wild, crazy. They are available in a variety of heels that you could never think. They can look like from an angel to a dragon. Anything you can’t think they can be.


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